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Market Research : Chinese Tourism Market in Thailand


MARKET RESEARCH OF THE CHINESE MARKET The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has announced the results of a detailed market study of the Chinese market to further refine its marketing and promotional strategies towards a generation of high-value visitors. The research was conducted in eight of China’s most populous cities: Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou, (Canton) Kunming…

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The Health Sector in China


By 2016, China’s health care sector accounted for 6% of the country’s GDP and is expected to absorb a 10% share in the coming years. REFORM OF HEALTH SYSTEM IN CHINA Although the overall health of the population has improved in China since the 1980s, there has been a widening gap in access to health…

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Phase of Maturity for Wechat


In this publication, we will explain how WeChat is mature and how it becomes increasingly difficult to increase the number of users. PHASE OF MATURITY FOR WECHAT Since 2011, WeChat now has 846 million active monthly users and is the number one platform for the Chinese market. However, with companies that are fighting harder to…

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