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Chinese Millennials Forcing Factories to Modify Policies

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Things change with time gradually but in China, the change is very fast. Chinese millennials are like Westerns youngsters. They think out loud, challenge the authorities, love the internet, accept no restriction, hat dictation and want the full reward of their efforts. Lots of companies are trying to understand the behavior of millennials not only…

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Chinese Jewellery Market: Precious Stones Beating Over Marriages

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  Precious stones have gotten the attention of Chinese shoppers as of late on account of their presentation to western ways of life and promoting, said Ji, a business-English graduate, who tallies Harry Winston Inc. furthermore, Tiffany and Co. among her most loved precious stone gem dealers. Her mom, for instance, will probably buy jade…

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Infant Formula Brand Restrictions in China


Infant Formula Brand Restrictions in China China has recently introduced restrictions on importing infant formula milk from different countries. The main reason behind this step is because China has got very strict laws when it comes to food safety. While this may mean that lots of infant formula brands will be stopped from getting imported…

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China’s baby boom will boost the baby care industry


China’s recent new policy regarding the ‘one-child’ policy will pamper the increase in baby products demand. New policy China has long been known for its ‘one-child policy’ dating from 1978 preventing further strong increase of the Chinese population. As of 2015, the policy was phased out and replaced by a two-child policy, now allowing married…

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The Golden Age of Furniture Market in China


The Golden Age of Furniture Market in China Aѕ a brief Intrоduсtіоn to Chinese furniture history, we can start ѕауіng thаt mainly, Chinese furnіturе can bе dіvіdеd into a few groups ассоrdіng to ѕресіfіс сhаrасtеrіѕtісѕ all related to the nоwаdауѕ mаrkеt рrісеѕ Aѕ wе аll knоw Chіnа іѕ thе bіggеѕt furnіturе exporting country. In 2009,…

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