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The big Chinese Luxury Market Is “Online” …

luxury Market

There is an enormous amount of increase in the trend of online/ digital shopping in China in the past recent years. Furthermore, the trend of luxury digital shopping is gaining popularity among the youth of China not only on the national level but also internationally. The two primary platforms accessed by these luxury buyers are…

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Wechat the indispensable tool for the life of the Chinese


Today, the phone has become an important part of Chinese life and they communicate much via electronic tools. The Chinese are increasingly riveted on their smartphones whether in the subway, street, restaurants, bars, movie theaters … from toddlers to octogenarians, swimmers to the pool to deliverers on their scooter … They send messages, share moments…

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Alitrip of Alibaba is Using Focusing On Engaging Mobile Content

alitrip Tourism China

Alibaba always comes up with interesting idea to attract customers not only from China but also from all over the world. This time Alitrip  of Alibaba got attention of millions of its internet users through its special moving images also known as Gifs. By utilizing 9 enlivened GIF notices with intriguing substance, Aliptrip effectively attract…

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