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China boosts Korean cosmetics sales


South Korean cosmetics products sales have surged in China.


Korean cosmetics have been very successful all over Asia but it is in China that they know the biggest success. This has definitely been caused by the success of the K-pop, with the Korean pop stars promoting their own cosmetics brands.

How do they help?

The creators of those brands already enjoy a fairly wide reputation amongst Asian people. In turn they put their renown into the service of their cosmetics brand, giving them a huge boost in sales.

According to a report from the Korean Customs Service the national cosmetics exports reached a whopping 150 million USD.


K-Pop leads China growth.

While Korean cosmetics are undoubtedly very successful in the major exporting country, in China it goes up to about 30% growth

Overall China represented half of the Korean cosmetics exports followed by the U.S and Japan.

Comparing to a decade ago, where Korean cosmetics were exported to only a handful of countries, they are now distributed worldwide. Indeed, Korea is the third biggest market in Asia that has been steadily growing. This is especially true when it comes to skincare and male grooming products .

The country was under the spotlight last year at the in-cosmetics Asia event where two complete sessions were all about South Korea. This goes even further with the 2015 event being already set in South Korea. The small country has definitely become a big player in the local APAC cosmetics market

While it is true that K-pop stars have an impact on promoting the brand, one should not forget the added influence of the Korean TV dramas that undeniably have an impact, indeed in China you will often hear Chinese girls talk about Korean dramas. It would be interesting to weight the influence of the two of those, Korean TV dramas versus K-pop celebrities. In your opinion which one has the most influence?

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