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Content & Translation Agency in China (Shanghai)

Create relevant content for your promotion in China

China’s cosmetic industry has considerably developed during these last ten years and the market still offers a huge amount of opportunities. Many foreign brands want to enter this latent market but barriers to entry are numerous: one of them is the language. If you want to reach the Chinese consumers, you need to adapt your content, not only translate it but make it suitable for the Chinese market. This will help you improve your company’s global notoriety, boost your brand’s awareness and develop your product’s popularity.

Our services for Content and Translation in China

A Panel of Solutions to Help you Produce Relevant Contents for Chinese Market.

Press releases in Mandarin

Having your press releases in the local language is absolutely necessary to reach the Chinese consumers.

Content Creation

More you have the content and better quality they are, richer will be your brand. We create content accordingly to your targets and market's needs.

Manage Chinese Community

Manage an online community in another language isn't easy because of cultural and linguistic differences.


It is crucial to translate perfectly your brand's spirit otherwise you won't be able to achieve great success among Chinese consumers.