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Red lipstick on top of sales in China

red lipstick

Red lipstick remains a must-have in China   What’s up on the fashion sphere ? Red lipstick remains a must-have in the makeup kit of Chinese women. Symbol of success and happiness, the color is highly symbolic in the country.   The virtues of red lipstick from a Chinese point of view     It…

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How Chinese women are doing their make up?

cosmetics brush fondation

In a country like China, the cosmetics market is always profitable because the image matters a lot there. Indeed, it became the second biggest market of this sector in the world (right behind the USA). Beauty products are even the top online-shopped product, before handbags, shoes and clothes. Cosmetics’ sector is thus a good choice…

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Local Chinese beauty brand owns 55% of beauty market


Local Chinese beauty brand is now growing very fast thanks to the development of new technology and increase of disposal revenue. China’s residential restorative brands are picking up footing from very much prepared Chinese women, another report has appeared, however despite everything they have far to go before they can make up for lost time…

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Giorgio Armani is launching a Tmall store


Giorgio Armani will dispatch a leader e-retail store on Tmall to offer its top of the line restorative items in China, the organization reported toward the finish of December a year ago. It will likewise band together with Luxury Pavilion, a backup of Tmall including extravagance brands, to give clients directly, selective deals called “Tmall…

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power of the Chinese perfume market


The Chinese perfume market is booming with the increase of disposal revenueand the Chinese customers who are more and more sophisticated. CAI Xingu owns a hundred bottles of perfume. The Shanghai business proprietor’s reliable assortment was 2 times as enormous, nevertheless he downsized earlier than returning home from the Netherlands. Fragrances in China Now CAI,…

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