Dry shampoo: A whole market to conquer in China — Update 2020

Did you ever feel lazy to wash your hair on a day when they are really greasy? Of course, you did! And we’re not going to judge you, everyone did! Though in the West we are lucky to get dry shampoo, the Chinese cannot say that.

What you should know about the dry Shampoo in China?

The global dry shampoo market is on the rise. Especially thanks to the middle class, who is getting more and more interested in hair care.

Dry shampoo is the ideal product for people living the fast way of life in a big city, the ones that don’t have time to wash their hair in the morning before a meeting and wish to protect their hair from dust and pollution. But also for people living in developing countries, for those in rural areas that do not have access to running water frequently.

Example of one dry shampoo on Tmall

However, this product can barely be found in the Asian shops’ rays! Especially in China, this product is almost impossible to find. There are some products on e-commerce websites like Taobao, but the choice remains limited.

However, with its big mega cities, its population that is very concerned about their appearance and its remote provinces with farmers who want to save water, China is the perfect market for this product!

Why bet on dry shampoo?

The cosmetics market is very promising in China! Indeed, it is the third sector in which they invest the most (after housing and food). The growth rate of the cosmetic market in China didn’t go down since 2010.

In addition, with the growing middle class, more and more Chinese are investing in quality beauty products. Moreover, now is the perfect time to invest in dry shampoo, as it will be seen as a “new” and “rare” product. Chinese people will go crazy about it!

Here are 4 other reasons for dry shampoo’s success in China:

  • Their hair tends to be greasy easily

In general, Asian hair is rather thick, flat and rounded. Compared to Caucasian hair they are relatively strong and more easily resistant to breakage. But they tend to be oilier faster, so Chinese women thus have to wash their hair very regularly. This is far from convenient for them.

  • The humid weather

In China, especially when temperatures rise, the heat tends to be extremely humid. In big cities like Shanghai, this kind of environment can be very hard to bear, as well as for the hair of its inhabitants! They will be oily much more easily and a pocket-size dry shampoo to carry in one’s bag is the most effective solution to camouflage it during the day!

  • The water is not so great

In addition, the purity of water in China is clearly not that good. The water is not drinkable, especially in big cities. We can see the effects on the skin (more irritable, spottier) and on the hair (more dirty faster).

  • The pollution is not good for hair

Last point of their environment (but not least) that does not contribute to the well-being of their hair: pollution! China remains the most polluting country on the planet. This is felt in the big cities and our hair feels it too. We protect our airways with anti-pollution masks, so why not protect your hair?

How to enter the dry shampoo market in China?


The Chinese are used to big malls and massive commercials. You should therefore use other techniques to seduce them! Moreover, word of mouth is still very important in this country. The Chinese tend to trust their entourage or people in whom they have confidence.

  • KOLs to Grab Hair products Consumer’s attention

In KOL marketing, Key opinion leaders act as intermediaries between brands and customers. When choosing a key opinion leader for marketing strategy, it is very important to find an influential person who can represent the brand well and accurately describe the business image. KOL is the image of a brand on social media. It is necessary to ensure that KOL matches the brand in terms of interests, style and value.

Partnering with the biggest Chinese influencers is making sure for your brand to have a huge visibility very easily. They can be the face of your brand for your advertising campaign in China, or simply partner with them, so they can talk about your products to their community on social networks.

KOL marketing on dry shampoo on Weibo
  • Social media for brand awareness

The Chinese are probably one of the most connected nationalities in the world! They spend several hours on their phones every day, especially on social networks. However, because of the Great Firewall of China, they do not have access to the same networks as us. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are blocked in China.

WeChat is the most used application in the country, with more than 1.2 billion users. It is now becoming one of the most important platforms for digital marketing in China. Being present on Wechat and creating a community on this favorite app are essential for a successful marketing strategy!

Weibo is the largest Chinese open social platform, and it is also a good place for mass marketing as every content on this platform can be seen by every user on Weibo. With more than 550 million monthly active users, Weibo combined with KOL marketing can be a powerful tool for your dray shampoo branding in China.

KOL marketing about shampoo on Xiaohongshu

Xiaohongshu (literally Little Red Book in Chinese) is originally a UGC (user generated content) platform for users to share products, daily life, or travelling experiences, etc. While its user base gets bigger and bigger, it has developed into a social e-commerce platform. As of March 2020, the popular Chinese social commerce platform Xiaohongshu had a total of approximately 300 million registered users. Around 77% of users are women.

It can be seen that the main target users of Xiaohongshu are young female  living in big cities. These users generally like to try new things and products, like fashion, pursue high-quality life, and have a certain level of consumption and desire to buy. They are easily affected by different types of KOLs and various marketing methods.

  • E-commerce: china favorite’s way of shopping

E-commerce in China is in heyday. With the development of Internet, many things have been digitized and shopping was part of it! The Chinese are addicted to e-commerce: there are more choices, a more interesting price range, the opinions of hundreds of consumers and the delivery is very fast. All the reasons are good for ordering online. 

Moreover, selling your products on Chinese e-commerce platforms can not only facilitate your products distributions, but also can promote your brand awareness.

Dry shampoo has a great potential in China, if you want to know more about the sector, Chinese distribution system and digital marketing, GMA can offer you want, with our rich experience in Chinese digital marketing.

If you are interested in doing business in China, then check out our website for more information!

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