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Increasing Hospitals Exploding the Opportunity for Medical Device Companies

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The strong demand, demographics and value generate the interest, investment and marketing of the medical devices in China. The sudden rise in the life threatening diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart related problems in addition with the increasing obesity rates, extensive environmental pollution contributing in explosion of chronic illness. Nearly 100% of the citizens have some…

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Healthcare in China, a $357 billion Size Market


The healthcare department of China is growing at a rapid rate. As there are many doors of opportunities opened in this sector. Many multinational companies are eager to invest and start their business in order to take the advantage. However, no one can assure you of a long term success. The 2011 data shows that…

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Infant Formula Brand Restrictions in China


Infant Formula Brand Restrictions in China China has recently introduced restrictions on importing infant formula milk from different countries. The main reason behind this step is because China has got very strict laws when it comes to food safety. While this may mean that lots of infant formula brands will be stopped from getting imported…

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