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How to Sell on Wechat?

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The e-commerce market in China

WeChat, the Chinese application, is undeniably a major player in Chinese social networks and eCommerce.

There are more than 889 million active monthly users and 200 million accounts linked to a bank card.

Users can now purchase movie tickets, reserve a table at the restaurant, or make daily payments using the WeChat Pay application, which was previously a simple instant messaging application.

This has profoundly altered the way of life and consumption behavior of the Chinese.

Wechat, has an option that allows companies to sell their products directly on the platform.

Every year, this market attracts a multitude of new brands seeking to reach Chinese consumers via the various networks.

It is thus crucial for foreign companies wishing to enter the Chinese market to know the basics of the powerful Chinese application, namely how to sell on Wechat.

What to do to sell on Wechat?

Here are 4 tools to help you


Cafes, shops and restaurants register their page on Wechat to post their promotional campaign.

The biggest challenge here is to ensure that as many potential customers receive promotional advertising.

To be informed, users of Wechat must follow the page of the restaurant or the shop.

Many cafes send upcoming promotional campaigns that take place in a specific place and for a fixed period of time (1 hour for example).

As a result, the idea is to attract consumers close to the promotional campaign.

To further increase the number of followers, restaurants and shops offer their customers to follow them on social networks in order to be aware of all sales and promotions.

2For example, on March 8, McDonald’s promoted its “A Baked Frit, A Fries Offered” operation by posting an article on its official WeChat account.

This article has been seen over 100,000 times, and many positive comments have also been written. This has increased sales.


It is important to advertise WeChat to increase sales.

There are 2 kinds of advertisements:


Moments are the most popular feature on WeChat.

Users can update their status by sharing photos, short videos and articles with their loved ones and friends.

192125848Companies can pay dearly for their brand to be displayed on Moments of Targeted Users.

Announcements of moments are usually presented in the form of texts, images or videos. If readers are interested, they can click the “Read More” button, which usually redirects the reader on promotional items, a HTML5 campaign page, the official account of the brand or its official website.


Another possibility for brands is to use direct ads, which appear as banner ads at the bottom of a WeChat article. When users finish reading an article, they see advertising.

This month,, one of China’s largest eCommerce sites, used direct ads to promote childcare products on WeChat.

When users click on the ad, they are redirected to


Another popular way to sell on WeChat is to create an online store where users can directly view and purchase the products.

When a brand creates its online store WeChat Store or on other eCommerce platforms like Wei-Store, it can then link it to its official WeChat account in the menu bar.

If a consumer chooses to buy a branded product, he can click on the menu bar and access the linked store.

Customers can complete the entire purchase process in WeChat.

sephoraThis generally allows to have a higher conversion rate, and many brands, such as Sephora, has already built the online site and connected to their official WeChat account.


Certain brands of eCommerce (, transport, hotels and tourism are listed in the WeChat Wallet.

Indeed, these service providers hold Tencent shares, the parent company of WeChat.

This type of partnership with WeChat makes it possible to generate much more traffic and simplify simplified payments.

Since the end of 2016, it is now possible to be present on the Wallet Wechat without being a shareholder of Tencent.

Starbucks was the first brand to benefit from this opening.

By the end of 2016, customers of the US firm could pay via Wechat Wallet in over 2,400 stores in China, this was accompanied by a promotional campaign.

dianpingDianping * is now also present on the Wechat Wallet.

(Dianping * is an informative, social platform for online restaurants).

Recently, Mobike, a bicycle sharing system (an equivalent of Vélib ‘without a station), has also joined WeChat.

velos-gps2-pekinMobike’s entry into the Wechat Wallet is linked to its mini-program page, where users can easily find nearby bikes.

In addition, after scanning the QR-code on the bike, they can open it and start rolling.

The company also launched a free 30-day campaign so that users can share these bikes with their Wechat friends.

 Sell on Wechat

To conclude :

The customer’s word-of-mouth is essential to maintaining a positive image of the brand.

Brands must have an online presence and make frequent and quick interactions to maintain a good relationship with users.

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6 Comments to "How to Sell on Wechat?"

  1. Reply
    June 14, 2017 at 3:45 pm

    1/ open wechat store
    2/ build community
    3/ work hard

  2. Reply
    July 30, 2017 at 4:00 pm

    Really Great article. I guess many brands are lost on wechat..
    They try , they try and fail.
    Seriously.. it is totally different you have Zero Traffic. Zero exposure, and need to bring it from Somewhere … Group people hate to see spam.
    Moment people hate to see commercial
    So where to promote ? Ads .. and no it does not worth the money.

    It is still a Big Problem to solve for Brands. I trust that your Agency Olivier will be able to solve that Headache ;

    • Reply
      July 30, 2017 at 4:05 pm

      Yes you are right… it is not simple. And we can help Brands yes !

  3. Reply
    July 30, 2017 at 4:01 pm

    and Vicky it is not that simple ! 😉

  4. Reply
    August 3, 2017 at 6:19 am

    Sell on wechat I guess now is not so mature but it will be great why ?
    Tmall is killing Taobao small business
    Wechat pay is free (alipay 1%)
    Commission on wechat are free
    Most Chinese use Wechat everyday (not taobao)
    you can build APP on wechat , commercial App

    Now the challenge of Wechat is to let people buy on wechat shop and stop buying on taobao.

  5. Reply
    October 4, 2017 at 9:06 am

    Really Good article . I guess many people ask you about to sell on Wechat, just to know if you can get ROI easily ?

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