Official Wechat account: subscription & service account for Company

Wechat account is a communication channel inside Wechat application. Its usefulness can be seen in the promotion of goods, services or when a business wants to expand into the Chinese or Asian markets. With Wechat official account, you can promote brands and promote to millions of Chinese Wechat users. The importance of Wechat channel can be seen from the help to save marketing costs, increase brand popularity, build up more branding influence find new customers to sell.


Great unique functions inside Wechat account with marketing advantage to users.

Chinese or English web admin panel

 Welcome message

Custom menu

 Automatic reply messages

 Wechat mini shop

 Tencent map with location of your business

Sending messages to your followers:  gender, age and other parameters

 Sending vouchers to your followers

 Sending promo and discount information to followers

 Analytics of account:  followers, visit, report, etc

Wechat platform has numerous features and capabilities depending on your need to use this channel. Inside the platform, you can sell or post, work with followers, get visitors subscribed and keep the update subscription with regular entertainment news, events and other attractive deals. Based on the provisions, you can create a concept, a mini website, customized menu to make a Wechat shop. Examples of such official accounts are Weforhelp, Smariplast and Double Tree.

Overview of Wechat official account information:


  • Logo
  • Wechat Nick Name
  • Wechat ID
  • Introduction
  • Verified
  • Description
  • Type of account
  • Hotline phone number
  • Wechat Hi Fi
  • Service Stuff [name, photo]
  • Location of business [point]
  • Location of user and Business type
  • Brand for trademark

Within the operation area of Wechat account, there is a welcome page, multiport, first cover, Auto reply, get Wechat coupon, Emoji, History of posts, Sub menu and menu 15 links.

Official Account types

There are two types of accounts namely, subscribe and service accounts respectively.


 Subscription account

Subscription account can either be a personal or business [with or without verification]. The subscribe business account without verification is just the same as a personal subscribe account. One remarkable thing with personal subscription account is that it has limited functions. Much of what you can do in this account is posting of articles and some products information. The in-depth information to convince a potential buyer about product purchase knowledge is not provided.

Registering an official business subscription account and verify through Wechat official verification process enables the brand to get access to the entire platform communication. You can send 1 message to your follower daily and effectively manage the list of your followers in the admin panel. If there is a new update, subscribers will not receive a push notification. They are expected to open their subfolder of the subscription accounts to enable them to access a particular brand. The service account is more interesting and interactive because of the advanced features it offers.

Service Account

Service Account is exclusively for Chinese companies [with or without verification]. This account provides more powerful business service and user management capabilities for enterprises and organizations. The reason is to help enterprises to speedily implement a brand new official account service platform. Whenever there is a post in the account, every follower will get a push notification in the friend list of chat. There is provision to chat with them directly from a user chat window, and you can send a message to followers only 4 times in a month.

Corporate Account is the 3 rd official account which is exclusively opened for big Chinese companies, not for individuals or small business.

With the window of business opportunity in Wechat platform, the official account can be opened by foreign brands to do business in Wechat. You can request to create an account by yourself or use inquiry form to register and create one. The features in English Wechat admin platform are not as strong as the Chinese version. You can verify and get your foreign account since it is only Chinese companies that can register official accounts and extended Chinese admin panel. Contact us to create, configure and promote your new Wechat official account.


We can help brands to set up:

[A] Pro Wechat features of Wechat official account:

-Wechat Menu
-Wechat Wi-Fi
 -Wechat Shake + beacon
 -Wechat Coupons
– Wechat Membership cards
-Wechat Catalog of articles


[B] Wechat chat bots


[c]Integration Wechat with the web-site and mobile application.

 -Wechat login QR code on web-site on laptop

– Wechat login on web-site on Wechat browser

-Wechat Share


[D] HTML5 web-site with design and menu for Wechat

-we can build it for you, choose your template


With our expertise, let us connect your device, gadget and manage it from Wechat