The skin care market in China

Even if the United States remains the first world market in the cosmetics field, the Chinese proved to us that their place might be in danger because China is coming at full speed! China has already been proclaimed the world’s second-largest market in this sector, and its growth does not seem likely to stop any time soon (Chinese consumers also have a soft spot for foreign brands). It has also not relapsed since 2010. In addition, according to Mintel estimates, this sector should exceed 50 billion dollars by 2050. This is why the beauty market represents a very good opportunity for anyone who wants to do business in China.

Why is China a good market for foreign cosmetics brands?

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Within this sector, one market is more important than the others: that of skincare. Indeed, in Asia more than elsewhere, we usually pay more attention to our skin! This is the ideal type of product to market in China. However, the competition is tough, your advertisement strategy must thus be adapted!

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While in the West the types of skin are rather varied, the majority of Chinese have the same one. They are very numerous to have a “mixed” or “greasy” skin type. These types of skin tend to have large pores and a shiny appearance (especially in the “T” zone). They are very fragile and external aggression (pollution, wind, dust …) are enough to give them imperfections.

  • Well-off clients

The inhabitants of the big cities of China have an increasing purchasing power. In addition, the new generation manages its budget much differently than its parents. On one hand, because they are becoming richer and younger and therefore quickly become independent! But also because they are more open to Western influences and prefer to invest in quality products, than to be able to afford several Chinese products (unlike their parents).

  • The environment

The environment of Chinese cities is not the best to keep perfect skin without effort! Indeed, the pollution is very present, the water is not pure, the dust in the streets is numerous, the weather is very humid… As their skin is really sensitive, the Chinese do not have the choice than to take care of if it if they want to keep it without imperfection.

  • The attractiveness of foreign brands

The scandals in China have been rather numerous and they have pushed people to trust western products more easily. So when it comes to applying something to their skin, the Chinese tend to favor foreign brands. This is an advantage for your brand because Chinese products are still struggling to make their way into the market.

  • The importance of appearance

In China, appearance is a big part of society, especially in big cities. It is important to take care of yourself and always be prepared. That’s why the cosmetics market is so important in China. Even men are taking more and more care of their skin!

What types of products to offer?

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The treatments can be varied: cleanser, lotion, toner, mask… But some are likely to have more success:

  • Products against excess sebum

In order to regulate the oil production of their skin (which is one of their priority), the Chinese will be looking for products of this type. It should be soft and soap-free in order not to irritate and attack the sensitive skin of Chinese. Mattifying moisturizers are also perfect for this clientele! As well as masks and scrubs.

  • Whitening agents

White skin is still synonymous of beauty in Asia and China! Most facial products have whitening agents included. In order to please Chinese consumers, it will be necessary to adapt to this trend.

The Chinese are increasingly sensitive to the environmental cause. Due to their culture and the many scandals related to hygiene in China, these kinds of natural products are gaining more and more market share.

  • Cosmeceuticals

This mix of “cosmetics” and “pharmaceutical” is becoming more popular in China. They are very popular with the Chinese because they meet dermatological needs in addition to purely aesthetic needs. This market is expected to reach 90 billion yuan by 2020.

How to seduce Chinese skincare consumers?

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  • Adapted marketing campaign

Advertisements are everywhere in major Chinese cities. To stand out, you need to know Chinese consumers and adapt to them. In one of the most connected countries in the world, the best advice is to bet on digital marketing!

  • Flashy and original packaging

Cosmetics products in China are so numerous, all more original than the others. To stand out you must choose a packaging that will attract their attention in the shelves, so that your product can then attract their interest.

  • Win their trust through the KOLs

The Chinese trust more the opinions of other consumers than advertisements. That’s why doing partnerships with KOLs is a good strategy to gain visibility on the market and win Chinese’s trust.

Having an account on social networks is an inevitable step when implementing your brand in China! Be careful, the Chinese use their own networks (WeChat, Weibo …).

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