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Korean Beauty Brands are dethroning western group in China

korean beauty Brands

South Korean beauty products are currently witnessing a growing interest among the Chinese customers at the expense of western brands. South Korea, the challenger in beauty industry  As China’s economy was slowing down by a notch, Chinese outbound tourists reconsidered their choice as regards their destination, South Korea stood out. This recent trend for tourism in…

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The new trend of Australian Cosmetics in China

chinese demanding

Australian Cosmetics market in China The cosmetic market in China China is now unavoidable in the cosmetics industry. One of the main reason is the increase of the Chinese household’s income. They are more likely to invest into these product categories, and the tendency is not only concerning the biggest cities as Shanghai and Beijing,…

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Why cosmetics industry in China attracts foreign investements?

Prestige Cosmetics.

Cosmetics industry: the cash money machine for investors China is the world’s second largest cosmetics market with 23 billion euros in size and an unstoppable growth.  This market generated 203 billion euros of revenue in 2014. The cosmetic sector in China represents a huge opportunity to set up a successful business.  With the e-commerce, opportunities…

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The high-end cosmetic market in China

Young Chinese women try out the testers at a L'Oreal SA cosm

The cosmetics market is experiencing a significant growth since many years in China, but the potential of a high-end positioning is still not sufficiently exploited by foreign brands. Here is an overview of this promising market. Chinese consumers no longer consider beauty products and cosmetics as an unattainable luxury, reserved for wealthy people, but as…

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