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Chinese Jewellery Market: Precious Stones Beating Over Marriages

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  Precious stones have gotten the attention of Chinese shoppers as of late on account of their presentation to western ways of life and promoting, said Ji, a business-English graduate, who tallies Harry Winston Inc. furthermore, Tiffany and Co. among her most loved precious stone gem dealers. Her mom, for instance, will probably buy jade…

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Chinese cosmetics market offers huge opportunities

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Big opportunities for Chinese cosmetics market These last years, cosmetics products are more and more successful among Chinese consumers. Indeed, in 2015, Chinese women bought for 31.39 billion of US dollar in cosmetics products. Companies have to take the opportunities of this trend in order to educate Chinese consumers to adopt a skin care routine. Nevertheless,…

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What are the opportunities for foreign companies in the Chinese cosmetics market?


Since several years right now, China is becoming unavoidable in the cosmetics industry. The growth figures are impressive and China is becoming the world’s second largest cosmetics consumer market after the american market. According to Euromonitor, 2014 was the year where we saw the lowest growth rate since 2005. The growth rate for 2014 was…

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