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China’s baby boom will boost the baby care industry


China’s recent new policy regarding the ‘one-child’ policy will pamper the increase in baby products demand. New policy China has long been known for its ‘one-child policy’ dating from 1978 preventing further strong increase of the Chinese population. As of 2015, the policy was phased out and replaced by a two-child policy, now allowing married…

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5 digital strategies to be a successfull in China


Digital strategy for winners in China “ The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” Bill Gates China, with more than 660 million of Internet users is one of the biggest web communities in the world. If you are a company looking to expand its business in China, I am sure…

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The new trend of Australian Cosmetics in China

chinese demanding

Australian Cosmetics market in China The cosmetic market in China China is now unavoidable in the cosmetics industry. One of the main reason is the increase of the Chinese household’s income. They are more likely to invest into these product categories, and the tendency is not only concerning the biggest cities as Shanghai and Beijing,…

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Things you don’t know about China

Chinese expression

5 things you don’t know about China China attracts, again and again, Western companies considering the middle kingdom as an Eldorado thanks to the large number of potential customers that we can find. However, China is very different from the Western countries, either administrative or cultural levels. Thus, Marketing to China offers some valuable tips…

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E-Commerce in China is booming

china e-commerce

E-Commerce in China is booming E-Commerce in China is incredibly booming, figures talk about themselves, the market grew 30% from last year reaching 2 trillion dollars in 2014! We heard everywhere that e-commerce is booming but one question remains here, what are the main characteristics of this e-commerce market? Here we will detail with you…

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