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China’s baby boom will boost the baby care industry


China’s recent new policy regarding the ‘one-child’ policy will pamper the increase in baby products demand. New policy China has long been known for its ‘one-child policy’ dating from 1978 preventing further strong increase of the Chinese population. As of 2015, the policy was phased out and replaced by a two-child policy, now allowing married…

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5 digital strategies to be a successfull in China


Digital strategy for winners in China “ The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” Bill Gates China, with more than 660 million of Internet users is one of the biggest web communities in the world. If you are a company looking to expand its business in China, I am sure…

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What is the right sales strategy for my cosmetic Brand in China ?

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Cosmetics is a kind of high profit space industry, its overall consumer prices, cosmetics raw material costs accounted for is generally low, the ratio of almost equal. While there are differences on the marketing input, such as brand, packaging and advertising promotion. Mall shop display, light box advertising, scene layout, service personnel, advertising model as…

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Tips to become a successful cosmetic brand in China


For foreign companies entering the Chinese cosmetics market remains an obstacle course, especially if they limit themselves to the knowledge acquired in the West, like in France for example where finding a distributor is by far the best option when you want to sell cosmetics. Here, the reputation does everything! You should promote yourself first…

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Korean and French cosmetics craze in China


The Chinese offer on the Cosmetics market is weak. Indeed, the market is dominated by international brands, which is owned at 80 percent by foreign brands. Chinese women are fond of cosmetics products made in Korea and France. What are the reasons of such a success? We will analyse the main factors of 2 different…

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