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Beauty trends from China (2016)

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Natural beauty products: a great beauty tendency at this Beauty fair in Shanghai. Nowadays, all means are welcomed to get the perfect face, the perfect body, the perfect skin… New laboratory technologies, small electronic gadgets, ephemeral accessories are now on the market to allow you to access this ideal. Let us present you 2016’s cosmetic…

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Why cosmetics industry in China attracts foreign investements?

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Cosmetics industry: the cash money machine for investors China is the world’s second largest cosmetics market with 23 billion euros in size and an unstoppable growth.  This market generated 203 billion euros of revenue in 2014. The cosmetic sector in China represents a huge opportunity to set up a successful business.  With the e-commerce, opportunities…

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What is the right sales strategy for my cosmetic Brand in China ?

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Cosmetics is a kind of high profit space industry, its overall consumer prices, cosmetics raw material costs accounted for is generally low, the ratio of almost equal. While there are differences on the marketing input, such as brand, packaging and advertising promotion. Mall shop display, light box advertising, scene layout, service personnel, advertising model as…

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What are the best online tools to make its cosmetics brands well know in China?


If the cosmetics market is booming and flourishing in China, there are some tools that a cosmetic brand can’t avoid to increase its brand awareness and reach its target. Here is an overview of the best practices to penetrate the market and make its brands known. Increase your visibility on Baidu thanks to SEO actions. If…

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