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126% further Korean cosmetics products’ importations in China

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Korean cosmetics brands is booming in China These last years, China’s economy’s growth doesn’t stop increasing involving new Chinese consumers’ purchasing’s behavior. Indeed, they have more expectations mainly regarding luxury and cosmetics products. They need more authenticity and quality products. Then, they are very sensitive to cosmetics products overseas especially Korean brands due to their…

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The success of Japanese cosmetics in China

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Chinese e-commerce market flooded by Japanese  cosmetics ! Chinese consumers are more and more attracted by cosmetics products. They have many expectations regarding skin and body cares because they want to use healthy goods. In addition, cosmetics brands have to tailor their strategy to Chinese girls who shift their cosmetics consumption’s behavior concerning seasons because they prefer lightening…

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Cross-border e-commerce has boosted cosmetic sales in China


China has become one of the largest cosmetics markets in the world. By 2013, the sales of cosmetics totaled US$32.3 billion. The total value of cosmetics online was USD1.35 billion in April 2014. Foreign e-commerce platforms are gaining popularity among Chinese cosmetic consumers. Cross border e-commerce, also known in China as “hai tao” is rapidly…

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