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Sell via taobao in China


This article will focus on the best strategy to enter the online shopping market in China, through a Taobao store. First, we will see why a Taobao store is a great tool to establish a brand in China. Next, we will discuss how it should be used, including: Search Optimization The Community Manager Branding The…

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E-Commerce in China is booming

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E-Commerce in China is booming E-Commerce in China is incredibly booming, figures talk about themselves, the market grew 30% from last year reaching 2 trillion dollars in 2014! We heard everywhere that e-commerce is booming but one question remains here, what are the main characteristics of this e-commerce market? Here we will detail with you…

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Why E-Commerce in China is so “special” ?

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There are many differences between the e-commerce in China and in Western countries. There is a real contrast between user experiences on Chinese e-platforms and on those in Europe for example. Here are the five biggest difference. Platform models The offer in Europe is restricted to a short list of possibilities. E-commerce companies are generally…

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Online sales for cosmetics brands are on the rise in China.

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Online presence in China is crucial for beauty/ cosmetics brands looking to sell, and even more than everywhere else in the world in China as it’s the country with the most internet users. According to a recent report from Euromonitor, 15 % of all the beauty/ cosmetic sales in China are made online through e-commerce…

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