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4 top social media for cosmetics in China


The Chinese market is constantly changing and especially for cosmetics where trends are evolving, appearing and disappearing. You have to remain aware of the evolving cosmetics landscape, which count Cosmetics and platforms that set new tendencies. You must know that 60% of Chinese Cosmetics consumers are looking for advice and reviews on social Medias about…

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10 Trends of Chinese consumers in Cosmetics


The cosmetics industry in China has been quickly growing over the last years due to the huge development of the Chinese economy. Chinese consumers are changing their purchase behaviors in the cosmetic sector. In 2013 the total sales of skin care products and make-up products in China accounted Rmb131.4 billion and Rmb18.8 billion respectively. Chinese…

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Analysis of Estee lauder online strategy in China


Estée Lauder is one of the brands with the most digital presence in China. Estée Lauder, a cosmetics brand from New York tops the list of 100 prestige brands in China for social media, digital marketing and online strategies. Definitely, Estée Lauder has developed an efficient digital strategy in China due to its strong social media presence,…

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10 tips to market your Beauty products in China


The beauty market in china is rapidly growing and many brands are trying to find their place in an exponentially growing market to have their share of the cake. Brands wanting to be part of the growing Chinese market must follow several tips that are helpful to increase their presence in China. In 2013 the value…

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