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Luxury Beauty Brands Can’t Avoid Chinese Politics


Regardless of exactly where they’re carrying out business, most main multinational customer models have one particular method in relation to politics: stay considerably, considerably away. But from Google to Lego and most not too long ago Lancôme, corporations have realized that this is sort of extremely hard with regards to performing business in China, wherever…

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Tips to become a successful cosmetic brand in China


For foreign companies entering the Chinese cosmetics market remains an obstacle course, especially if they limit themselves to the knowledge acquired in the West, like in France for example where finding a distributor is by far the best option when you want to sell cosmetics. Here, the reputation does everything! You should promote yourself first…

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5 tips to boost the online presence of beauty brands in China.

China cosmetics Promotion

Internet and social media platforms play an important role in the daily life of Chinese consumers. Social media is a powerful tool to beauty brands that want to boost their presence in China. In China there are 634 million internet users and 91% of them have a social media account. Around 500 million people use…

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Why is betting on lower tiers cities a winning strategy for cosmetics in China


The Chinese cosmetics market is now the world’s third-largest cosmetics market, worth $26 billion a year and a fierce battlefield. Foreign brands are leading the competition in China’s cosmetics market, which is controlled by foreign brands at more than 80%. But what is often forgotten about the Chinese cosmetics market is that 70% of the Chinese…

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How Lancôme seduced Chinese women

lancome maquillage

2014 was a year of awards for the cosmetic brand Lancôme. The French brand has been elected best digital performance by L2’s beauty report on Digital IQ Index in China over 84 global and local brands. Lancôme was also ranked 20th in China’s top 20 cosmetics brands according to China Internet Watch. Here is how…

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