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Sephora partners with Chinese e-commerce giant


After launching its own online shopping website, Sephora partners with Chinese ecommerce giant, Sephora worldwide Sephora is a French stores chain of perfumes and cosmetic products built in 1970. It is one of the biggest beauty product retailers within Europe. In 1997, the chain went into partnership with the worldwide luxury group, LVMH (Moët Hennessy…

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Cross-border can be profitable for foreign cosmetics brands


China is now part of the largest cosmetics markets in the world. Online Chinese consumers About the figures, by 2013, the sales of cosmetics totaled US $32.3 billion. In April 2014, the total value of online cosmetics was US $1.35 billion. This number could have been achieved because Chinese online shoppers are now able to…

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Korean and French cosmetics craze in China


The Chinese offer on the Cosmetics market is weak. Indeed, the market is dominated by international brands, which is owned at 80 percent by foreign brands. Chinese women are fond of cosmetics products made in Korea and France. What are the reasons of such a success? We will analyse the main factors of 2 different…

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Why few European cosmetics brands enter into Chinese market?


Market competition is increasingly coming from Asian as well as other Western companies. European cosmetics brands should proceed with caution in the Chinese market. The departure in 2013 of Garnier from the Chinese market, a brand of L’Oreal and also Revlon has demonstrated that European brands need to adapt and innovate if they want to have…

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How Lancôme seduced Chinese women

lancome maquillage

2014 was a year of awards for the cosmetic brand Lancôme. The French brand has been elected best digital performance by L2’s beauty report on Digital IQ Index in China over 84 global and local brands. Lancôme was also ranked 20th in China’s top 20 cosmetics brands according to China Internet Watch. Here is how…

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