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Infant Formula Brand Restrictions in China


Infant Formula Brand Restrictions in China China has recently introduced restrictions on importing infant formula milk from different countries. The main reason behind this step is because China has got very strict laws when it comes to food safety. While this may mean that lots of infant formula brands will be stopped from getting imported…

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Personal and Beauty Care Market in China

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With an increased awareness on hygiene and healthy living habits of Chinese the personal and beauty care (soaps, shampoo, etc.) industry is expected to grow at 8% for the next five years. The increased disposable incomes and many forms of products offering comfort, convenience and health also contribute to the growth, the revenues from sales…

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The cosmetic market in China is a goldmine!

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The cosmetics sector in China ? A goldmine ! China is the world’s second largest cosmetics market with €23 billion in size and a growth of 26% last year and €203 billion revenue. It is particularly due to countryside towns that are developing faster than Beijing or Shanghai. With the e-commerce, the opportunities are of…

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