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10 digital strategies in China for 2016

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10 digital strategies in China for 2016   What are effective digital strategies in China for 2016? Today we will go through the Digital strategies are paying off in 2015 and are promising for 2016. 1. E-commerce: the sinews of war   In China, where online shopping is commonplace, e-commerce is a major challenge for…

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The success of Japanese cosmetics in China

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Chinese e-commerce market flooded by Japanese  cosmetics ! Chinese consumers are more and more attracted by cosmetics products. They have many expectations regarding skin and body cares because they want to use healthy goods. In addition, cosmetics brands have to tailor their strategy to Chinese girls who shift their cosmetics consumption’s behavior concerning seasons because they prefer lightening…

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The new trend of Australian Cosmetics in China

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Australian Cosmetics market in China The cosmetic market in China China is now unavoidable in the cosmetics industry. One of the main reason is the increase of the Chinese household’s income. They are more likely to invest into these product categories, and the tendency is not only concerning the biggest cities as Shanghai and Beijing,…

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Why cosmetics industry in China attracts foreign investements?

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Cosmetics industry: the cash money machine for investors China is the world’s second largest cosmetics market with 23 billion euros in size and an unstoppable growth.  This market generated 203 billion euros of revenue in 2014. The cosmetic sector in China represents a huge opportunity to set up a successful business.  With the e-commerce, opportunities…

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What is the right sales strategy for my cosmetic Brand in China ?

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Cosmetics is a kind of high profit space industry, its overall consumer prices, cosmetics raw material costs accounted for is generally low, the ratio of almost equal. While there are differences on the marketing input, such as brand, packaging and advertising promotion. Mall shop display, light box advertising, scene layout, service personnel, advertising model as…

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