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Cosmetics marketing strategy in China 

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China’s cosmetics market is a dynamic new market, good fo multinational companies with the rise of local companies, make the industry more variety: product structure change, the more subdivided market, concept increasingly renovated, marketing also have their own entrance. The more promoted the development of the domestic cosmetics industry, war industry brands have been intensified. Especially the…

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Korean and French cosmetics craze in China


The Chinese offer on the Cosmetics market is weak. Indeed, the market is dominated by international brands, which is owned at 80 percent by foreign brands. Chinese women are fond of cosmetics products made in Korea and France. What are the reasons of such a success? We will analyse the main factors of 2 different…

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Analysis of L’Occitane Marketing Strategy in China

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L’Occitane is a French skincare company founded in 1976 by Olivier Baussan. The company includes several brands such as L’Occitane in Provence, Le Couvent des Minimes, Melvita, L’Occitane au Brésil and Erborian. All of their products are made it with natural ingredients. L’Occitane expanded its business to China in 2005 and currently is one of…

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Why Beauty brands in China need nice Photos and beautiful videos


In China, videos and photos are the best way to communicate with beauty consumers. Audiovisual communications have the ability to influence the purchasing decisions of Chinese consumers. Nowadays, communication of beauty companies is focused on audiovisual communication, especially in the spread of messages through attractive and creative pictures and videos that generate a greater impact…

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10 Trends of Chinese consumers in Cosmetics


The cosmetics industry in China has been quickly growing over the last years due to the huge development of the Chinese economy. Chinese consumers are changing their purchase behaviors in the cosmetic sector. In 2013 the total sales of skin care products and make-up products in China accounted Rmb131.4 billion and Rmb18.8 billion respectively. Chinese…

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