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Marketing Tactics to Enhance China Influencer ROI

Ferragamo KOL China

People don’t buy product they buy the result that product will give. So to enhance the market of a product one should start the business by identifying the ideal customer by making a list of all the benefits. Getting million impressions, thousands reposts, and many more comments, likes, and followers sound incredible to a brand….

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How to influence Female Chinese consumers?

mode chinoise

A new type of female consumer 3.0 We notice a change in the Chinese consumption. A new type of consumer has emerged: the social consumer or also called 3.0. If there are a minority in the Western countries, there are very present in China. Internet becomes a necessary and indispensable tool if you want to…

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The cosmetic market in China is a goldmine!

Girl cosmetics

The cosmetics sector in China ? A goldmine ! China is the world’s second largest cosmetics market with €23 billion in size and a growth of 26% last year and €203 billion revenue. It is particularly due to countryside towns that are developing faster than Beijing or Shanghai. With the e-commerce, the opportunities are of…

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