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55% of E-Commerce Entrepeneurs are Chinese Ladies


According to a survey conducted by a Chinese recruitment site, 22% of Chinese women feel severely discriminated against in search of a job. Although both partners work in about half of married couples, women are almost six times more likely to be unemployed than their husbands, often by raising children. Wechat & E-Commerce With the…

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How to Sell 10,000 Lipsticks in 2 Hours in China


Celebrity marketing and KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) are very powerful tools in China. Thanks to a very good use of both KOLs and technology, Maybelline sold an impressive number of 10,000 lipstick products in two hours only! Their army of internet KOLs was led by the Chinese superstar Angelababy and was recruited to create buzz…

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Taobao/Tmall to Sue Click Farm in Attempting To Harm Its Reputation


Taobao/Tmall to Sue Click Farm in China   One of the most crucial factors in the success of any organization is its public image. If the market thinks you are fair in your business and provide optimum quality products and services then surely you are going to enjoy a high profit. If someone tries to…

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Online sales for cosmetics brands are on the rise in China.

Olay Taobao

Online presence in China is crucial for beauty/ cosmetics brands looking to sell, and even more than everywhere else in the world in China as it’s the country with the most internet users. According to a recent report from Euromonitor, 15 % of all the beauty/ cosmetic sales in China are made online through e-commerce…

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