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Korean and French cosmetics craze in China


The Chinese offer on the Cosmetics market is weak. Indeed, the market is dominated by international brands, which is owned at 80 percent by foreign brands. Chinese women are fond of cosmetics products made in Korea and France. What are the reasons of such a success? We will analyse the main factors of 2 different…

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Analysis of Estee lauder online strategy in China


Estée Lauder is one of the brands with the most digital presence in China. Estée Lauder, a cosmetics brand from New York tops the list of 100 prestige brands in China for social media, digital marketing and online strategies. Definitely, Estée Lauder has developed an efficient digital strategy in China due to its strong social media presence,…

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25% of the chinese cosmetics market takes place on the Internet


The e-commerce in China is not to miss! If it is now clear that the ​​e-commerce sector is slowing down in Western countries, it is far from the case in China since it is only the beginning of the e-commerce adventure for companies that had the courage to take a leap. If you already heard…

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The cosmetic market in China is a goldmine!

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The cosmetics sector in China ? A goldmine ! China is the world’s second largest cosmetics market with €23 billion in size and a growth of 26% last year and €203 billion revenue. It is particularly due to countryside towns that are developing faster than Beijing or Shanghai. With the e-commerce, the opportunities are of…

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