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Wechat the indispensable tool for the life of the Chinese


Today, the phone has become an important part of Chinese life and they communicate much via electronic tools. The Chinese are increasingly riveted on their smartphones whether in the subway, street, restaurants, bars, movie theaters … from toddlers to octogenarians, swimmers to the pool to deliverers on their scooter … They send messages, share moments…

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WeChat, The Social Network “Made in China” and for Chinese


Facebook is king of the social media world in the West. Since its appearance in 2004 he transformed the way we interact and communicate on the Internet. But what about China, where it is not welcome. Who rules in the Middle Kingdom? Does its story and role are similar? Good Ideas Are Contagious    …

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10 Digital Strategies for your cosmetics E-Commerce Website in China


Today, China represents the second largest market for cosmetics, and the growth is far from finished. Furthermore, a huge part of the sales come from the e-business (30%). It’s important, if you want to succeed in this field, to know some local factors and here we are going to give you some advices in order…

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Censorship on Wechat


Chinese media posts to be censored Under the Eagle’s eye It might be a bad news for most of the citizens of china as the government censor board now tends to focus on and block the usage of a list of words in social media. An increased level of censorship will be carried out by…

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