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How To Reach Chinese Influencers and Key Opinion Leaders


Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) allude to persuasive open figures, whom individuals see as specialists in specific fields and are educated on numerous subjects. As they are extremely mainstream in China, they are a capable promoting instrument for brands. With their help, they can impact huge groups and achieve thousands or even a large number of…

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The growing appetite of Chinese cosmetics customers to buy overseas

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Taobao just released a new report saying that 2015 is the year during which we assist at the increase on online shopping overseas with new buyers accounting for 28% now. Crossborders shopping is booming and it’s an amazing way for brands to enter the market as it can be tough to get into the Chinese…

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What are the best online tools to make its cosmetics brands well know in China?


If the cosmetics market is booming and flourishing in China, there are some tools that a cosmetic brand can’t avoid to increase its brand awareness and reach its target. Here is an overview of the best practices to penetrate the market and make its brands known. Increase your visibility on Baidu thanks to SEO actions. If…

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The e-commerce cosmetic world in China 

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Online sales for cosmetics brands are becoming more and more important and the cosmetics market is one of the most dynamic right now in China. According to a study realized by iResearch, the annual sales for the cosmetics industry reached 25 billion euros annually and 7 billions were done via e-commerce websites. The cosmetics market…

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Tips to become a successful cosmetic brand in China


For foreign companies entering the Chinese cosmetics market remains an obstacle course, especially if they limit themselves to the knowledge acquired in the West, like in France for example where finding a distributor is by far the best option when you want to sell cosmetics. Here, the reputation does everything! You should promote yourself first…

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