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The e-commerce cosmetic world in China 

Capture d’écran 2015-06-11 à 18.42.14 Online sales for cosmetics brands are becoming more and more important and the cosmetics market is one of the most dynamic right now in China.According to a study realized by iResearch, the annual sales for the cosmetics industry reached 25 billion euros annually and 7 billions were done via e-commerce websites.

The cosmetics market in China

The cosmetics market in China is still booming with an average of 15% growth per year. This makes it as one of the most promising market full of opportunities, but extremely sensitive to trends. That is the reason why brands must be aware of them and be able to adapt their strategies.L'orealOne of the main problems for brands nowadays is the fact that a lot of fake products are in circulation on Internet. You can even find in China, copy of major brands Internet websites. And sometimes these fake website have a better position on Baidu (the Chinese search engine) than the real one.Then, brands wanted to enter the Chinese cosmetics market must clearly gain consumer trust.

Which sectors are booming in the cosmetic industry?

herboristSkin care and makeup are the two main sectors on which a company looking to tap into the Chinese market should focus as the forecast are excellent.

What about the Internet shopping for cosmetics consumers?

Consumers when looking to buy products on Internet are looking to save time and money. Actually it’s much more easier to buy online in China than in the West for example as the delivery (to only mention one point) is much more faster.Chinese consumers are as well very sensitive to prices and they will not hesitate to check products in an offline store and then buy it online if it’s cheaper.But before buying any types of products they’ll look for information on the Internet. That’s why a brand must be present on social media, forums (very popular in China) and work on its online branding.To gain Chinese consumers trust, brand must increase their brand awareness, control their online image, maintain a good online reputation. If bad comments appear online for a brand it can cause serious damage.And the Internet word of mouth (IWOM) plays a role in the online purchase process.

On which platforms a cosmetic brand can sell its products?


TaobaoA lot of cosmetics brands in China, have an e-shop on Taobao. This website is very famous and was launched by Alibaba in 2003. The navigation is very easy that is what chinese consumers love on this website. They can browse by categorie such as, product effect, skin type, prices and so on…


997_660_300Unlike Taobao, this platform is only specialized in cosmetics’ sale. Customers trust the brands sold on the site then it’s a good thing to be present on this website. Jumei’s bring to brands visibility.There are a lot of other websites on which a cosmetics brand can sell its products such as Tmall or the cross-borders websites that are becoming more and more popular.To sell cosmetics on Chinese online platforms, you must ensure the clarity of your brand message: the Chinese want to have essential information at a glance: product names, brief descriptions and prices. They are also very sensitive to promotions and consumer reviews. Then, you need to do some online communication actions to promote it.To successfully get a place in the e-commerce cosmetics in China you need to be careful about your e-reputation and gain customers’ trust. In order to do it well we highly recommend you to use the Chinese social media such as Weibo and WeChat and promote your brand on the Chinese forums.

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