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10 Tips to market your Cosmetics Brand in China

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The cosmetics industry remains one of the most promising sectors in China. This market is growing at an incredible rate. 10 Tips to market your Cosmetics Brand in China All international brands want to settle in China and make more profits. In recent years, the cosmetics market in China has maintained an annual growth rate…

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In Cosmetics: Chinese distributors never invest in the marketing of their supplier


Chinese  Distributors are not “investor” ! Chinese distributors are in search of well known brands to sell up in record time. If a product does not work, they will tackle new product and will not want to take back the old product. For distributors, the most important thing is to see results quickly. They can…

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China investigates on Healthcare Corruption

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China’s healthcare market    China’s healthcare market is the fastest growing one and represents the second largest in the world. However, it has been in the spotlight over the last two years with a far-reaching corruption investigation into the drug sector leading to a near $500 million fine against British drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline.     GlaxoSmithKline…

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5 Reasons your brand should include WeChat in your Social strategy in China


Why using WeChat to market for China ? China, a country restricted but strongly connected  Facebook and Twitter are the main social platforms in the world used everywhere except in China. Actually because of the censure, the government prohibits the access to the majority of social media used elsewhere. On the other side, Chinese represent the…

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10 Digital Strategies for your cosmetics E-Commerce Website in China


Today, China represents the second largest market for cosmetics, and the growth is far from finished. Furthermore, a huge part of the sales come from the e-business (30%). It’s important, if you want to succeed in this field, to know some local factors and here we are going to give you some advices in order…

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