Chinese cosmetics market offers huge opportunities

Big opportunities for Chinese cosmetics market

Chinese girls are making up

These last years, cosmetics products are more and more successful among Chinese consumers. Indeed, in 2015, Chinese women bought for 31.39 billion of US dollar in cosmetics products. Companies have to take the opportunities of this trend in order to educate Chinese consumers to adopt a skin care routine.

Nevertheless, each household in China uses around three Chinese skin care products against seven for Korean brands.

While foreign cosmetics brands success among Chinese consumers, they are more and more attracted by the local ones which try to compete in the market by offering further adapted products.

Chinese brands on the way to becoming huge competitors !

Surveys recently showed Chinese consumers are interesting in using Chinese cosmetics products. During the in-cosmetics Asia, there are over 40 Chinese ingredients were presented by providers in order to be used by innovative cosmetics brands.

The event engaged visitors by offering to choose the most creative ingredients which could become the best future ingredients ! This is a good way to know the consumers’ expectations and understand their purchasing’s behavior.


Local Chinese VS Korean cosmetics

Korean cosmetics products attract more and more Chinese consumers. These products take part of the favorites foreign goods in China. Moreover, Korean cosmetics’ importation increased by 22.21% in 2015.

Korean beauty products are mainly part of the skin care routine in the worldwide household. The using’s frequencies can evaluate from 10 to 30 depending on countries. Then, Korean skin care routine really became an example for women all around the world.

Many people are not awareness on the products’ using’s steps and don’t know what are the products’ benefits.

Indeed, you can use essence to apply in all your face in order to prepare skin to received other products called serums. Many kinds of serums exist and are used in order to nurse a part of the face such as wrinkles, acne, dark sports or simply to brighten the skin. This kind of products have different dosage regarding the skin troubles.

This routine become quickly a habit which is almost essential !

As an example, Herborist, the Chinese brand took the opportunity of the Chinese cosmetics market by offering natural products. The brand puts forward the technologies used for the products’ creation. Moreover, the brand offers to consumer book in order to explain different steps so that apply products.

The herborist


What is important for Chinese women

It is crucial for Chinese girls to brighten their skin in order to look younger. Indeed, this trend comes from the past when having the white skin proved their wealth.

Today, many of cosmetics products include ingredients like plants which change the color of skin. Moreover, some of the brands take this opportunity and promote its products by putting forward these benefits for the skin. These features attract many Chinese girls. That’s why they pay attention to the sunscreen’s choice !

L’OCCITANE, the French Provencale brand created a products range “Reine Blanche” appreciated for its brightening virtues and totally dedicated to the Chinese consumers’ needs.

Cosmetics Chinese market is a real opportunity! 

While companies have to adapt quickly to the consumers’ behavior’s shifting, the Chinese market represents a huge opportunity regarding cosmetics products. Indeed, they are very sensitive to their skin care routine and have many expectations concerning brands offering.  They need to ensure quality products and need to get advice.


The e-commerce’s importance

Growth of online transactions of cosmetics in China

Cosmetics brands have to take the opportunity of the Chinese market. Indeed, Chinese consumers prefer purchasing online mainly cosmetics and luxury products. They pass through famous e-commerce platforms such as Tmall Global, or

As an example, in 2010, L’OREAL, the French cosmetics brands was the first international company to sell products on Tmall global. This proves China’s accessibility.

The e-commerce market is still progressing and allow foreign companies to penetrate easier the Mainland. However, these companies overseas have to be careful regarding the local ones which have further knowledge about the Chinese culture.


Social Medias’ stepping stone

Chinese consumers are totally fond of social media’s platforms such as Weibo or Wechat. They love following their favourite brands. Moreover, foreign companies are able to engage their Chinese target by setting up animations around its products.

Moreover, Chanel promoted their lipstick line on WeChat by asking fans to share their favorite lipstick color. The luxury brand’s WeChat advertising campaign allowed users to shake their smartphones and view the color changes between Chanel lipsticks. This interactive approach integrates the app’s unique features, which add an element of fun to customer engagement. Chinese consumers have a high demand for customized and personalized products and experiences.

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