10 tips to market your Beauty products in China

The beauty market in china is rapidly growing and many brands are trying to find their place in an exponentially growing market to have their share of the cake.

Brands wanting to be part of the growing Chinese market must follow several tips that are helpful to increase their presence in China.

In 2013 the value of Chinese beauty market was USD 54.32 billion and it’s expected to reach more than USD 113.9 billion in 2017. It doesn’t come as a surprise that many beauty brands have decided to step into the Chinese market.


If you’re a Cosmetic brand you must bear in mind those 10 tips to improve your chances at getting your share of this USD 113 billion-sized market


The first step to market beauty products in China is finding the best way to distribute them.

What do you want to choose?

If you prefer the classics, then going via physical stores like supermarket or shopping malls is your thing.


If you prefer to try something new, more cost-effective, well, e-commerce platforms are the right way to go.

The latter is something that Chinese increasingly prefer rather than going to retail shops : cheaper, more offer at their disposal, matches their newlifestyle

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Presence on Internet:

As explained earlier, going online is the way to go. Why is that? Simply because for Chinese people, with 634 million users, Internet has definitely become a lifestyle. Everything is a few clicks away from them : latest trends, best discounts, the full range of products in fashion, tourisme…or cosmetics!



Through internet, potential shopper can discover information about products as their ingredients, benefits or how to use them.

Integrate social media platform:

Social networks are part of the Chinese daily life and exert an enormous influence over Chinese consumers. That’s why brands have to develop an important presence on social media platforms to reach and attract them.

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The importance of social networks resides in their power to allow shoppers to share information and reviews about products and brands.
Brands can create relevant and interesting conten and spread it via social networks in order to communicate with users.

Traditional advertising:

Traditional advertising is a key strategy to increase the presence of your brand in China. There are several supports that you can use such as, radio, television, press, magazines, newspapers or billboards between many others.


However, never forget that online journals stay the most effective way to reach your customer with e-journal being twice as effective as the ordinary press for a fraction of its cost. The reason is simple : Chinese customers read a lot more on-line than offline news papers

Online sales:

The importance of online sales in China is increasing every day. More and more shoppers are leaving aside the physical stores and are spending their money via e-commerce platforms.


Taobao, Tmall or Jumei are online marketplaces where you can promote your brand. However, shoppers who purchase via internet are looking for promotions, that’s why brands must offer their best price on those platforms.
It’s important provide information about the ingredients and use of the product, otherwise online shoppers won’t trust you.

Opinion leaders:

Opinion leaders play an important role in the beauty industry. Through internet, they share information and opinion about products and give tips to their use. Consumers trust in these people and believe whether they are utilizing a product or a brand is due its quality and efficacy and therefore they decide to purchase the same product.

Bloggers, celebrities and brand ambassadors are some of those opinion leaders who have the ability to influence customers.

Use celebrities:

It’s a fact that use celebrities on your marketing strategies is an effective method to attract shoppers. Consumers’ desire looks like celebrities and as a result they will purchase the products they offer.


However, is better use local celebrities because consumers will feel more identified with them than with western stars.


Beauty industry is a very competitive market. There are many brands and many products that are well considered by Chinese shoppers due their quality and good positioning on the market.


If you want to have a chance on Chinese beauty market, your brand needs to be well located in the Chinese mind in order to be part of their choices.

Adapt your products to your clients’ needs:

The ideal of beauty in China is different than in Western countries, that’s why brands have to adapt their products to the Chinese consumers. For instance, the majority of Chinese population desires a white skin, therefore many companies have developed products to whitening their skin.


Brands which desire to be successful in China, have to adapt their products to the Chinese needs.

Communication with consumers:

Chinese are very demanding consumers. A quality product and good service are not enough for them, they also want interact with the brand. Through social media platforms and opinion leaders, brands are interacting with their customers and have the opportunity to make them loyal to the brand.


In order to market beauty products in China, companies have to keep in mind the previous tips. The beauty market in China is constantly changing due the technologic advances and the emerging trends of beauty.

Marketers have to pay attention to the market in order to adapt their products to those changes and trends.

If you are interested to understand Chinese shoppers and their behaviors, don’t hesitate to contact us. We understand Chinese consumers, their needs and how to target them via the right channels. We therefore can help you increase your sales in the Chinese market.

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