10 Tips to market your Cosmetics Brand in China in 2024

The cosmetics industry remains one of the most promising sectors in China. This market is growing at an incredible rate.

Marketing a cosmetics brand in China in 2024 requires a multifaceted strategy that takes into account the unique dynamics of the Chinese market. Here are ten key tips to help you effectively market your cosmetics brand:

  1. E-commerce First: The Chinese e-commerce is critical for beauty brands. Douyin First in 2024 , for discovery and purchase other platforms like Tmall and JD.com are mainstays for purchase
  2. Engage with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and Consumers (KOCs): Influencer marketing is vital in China. Collaborate with KOLs and KOCs for product demonstrations and reviews, as they play a significant role in influencing consumer purchase decisions​​.
  3. RED: little Red book is the Kicking ass Social media for beauty brands in China
  4. UGC and Testimonials: Of course, it is much better if Consumers have tested your products and put good reviews 🙂
  5. Social media Beauty Routine: Chinese consumers, especially the younger generation, are adding more steps to their skincare routines, influenced by Japanese and Korean beauty standards. This includes the use of toner, eye cream, serum, makeup remover, masks, and sun protection, leading to an average of 6-7 steps in their daily routines​​.
  6. Focus on Brand E-reputation First: Develop a strong brand image and reputation online through press releases, social media marketing, and engagement with customers. This will help in building credibility and brand loyalty​​.
  7. Adapt to Cultural Preferences : Understanding and respecting Chinese culture and consumer preferences is crucial. Dont sell products that Chinese do not need. 😉
  8. Go Niche: Pay attention to emerging consumer groups such as the male beauty market and the silver generation (over 50s), which are showing increasing interest in cosmetics and personal care​​.
  9. Regulatory Challenges: administrative Stuff that we ALL enjoy 🙂 Ensure compliance with Chinese regulations related to labeling, testing, and product registration (1year) . Protecting intellectual property is better , in case you know some Chinese company get the idea to steal your Brand idea, concept & Business
  10. Marketing is EVERYTHING : Utilize a combination of different digital marketing strategies, including e-commerce, social media, influencer collaborations, and some offline retail strategies to reach your target audience

China’s Cosmetics market in 2024

All international brands want to settle in China and make more profits. In recent years, the cosmetics market in China has maintained an annual growth rate of around 7%, in 2023-2024

The cosmetics market in China

Which distribution way to choose?

There are several methods but the brand must adopt a more strategic way. Most of the time, cosmetics are found in supermarkets, there are products of medium and low-end brands. Sometimes there are also premium foreign brands.

There is also the distribution in specific stores such as Sephora if the brand is already known. This kind of professional store offers an awareness for the brand. The major problem is that these shops are not found in many cities ranked in 2nd and 3rd row.

  1. A simple and powerful positioning

Because of many problems especially regarding counterfeit products, Chinese consumers are very wary of local brands and unknown brands. Cosmetics brands are in great competition to have a good positioning in the Chinese market. The reputation of the brand is very important for Chinese consumers, the more the brand is known and more consumers readily accept it.

  1. Adapt to the Chinese market requirements

A cosmetics brand must always adapt its strategies and products to the Chinese people. The expectations of Chinese consumers are very different expectations in the West. The culture is very different, the Chinese client will not seek the same type of product that the French client for example. In Asia, having white skin is a sign of wealth that is why many brands are developing product lines such as creams for skin whitening. The Chinese are very keen on this type of product and it is important for the brand to show its interest to its customers for their beauty, and adapt the products to their own skin problems.

  1. Hack Social media to boost your Visibility

To market your cosmetic brand, the most effective way will be to be present on social networks. Indeed, Chinese consumers are very much connected and seek information about the products before buying them. Many foreign cosmetic brands conduct advertising campaigns on Chinese social networks. By sharing a maximum of content on the brand, Chinese customers will be attracted to it. The platforms most used to communicate are RED and WeChat.

  1. Strong online visibility : Branding is EVERYTHING in 2024

Chinese consumers attach great importance to the opinion of other customers, word of mouth works very well with regard to cosmetics. The Chinese consumer is always looking for information, the cosmetic brand by providing the necessary information has gained the trust of the consumer.

Infographic BAIDU

  1. Interact with consumers

Chinese consumers like to interact with the brand. They need the brand to show them an almost personal interest. In order to communicate more with customers, the brand can organize events or contests on social networks to engage customers and clients will feel more involved and closer to the brand.

Comments of buyers are GOLD MINE

  1. Online promotions : in 2024 nobody buy full prices

Online promotions for cosmetics are common. Several platforms are e-commerce selling cosmetics. There are sites like Taobao and Tmall that sell lots of different products and there is Jumei. It is a website specializing in cosmetics. These sites are popular because they often offer promotions and attract many Chinese consumers. Consumers are always looking for the best price and these sites provide them this advantage in addition to providing product descriptions and also the opinion of other consumers.

8. Traditional Advertising Expansive and not effective:

Despite the spread of the web, it is always good to use traditional advertising . Having big billboards in subway stations, airports are all even a good option to make themselves known to Chinese consumers.

  1. Opinion Leaders in China make Brands

Using opinion leaders in the cosmetics industry will strengthen your brand. Indeed, these bloggers are present on the internet and advise Chinese consumers online. Chinese consumers place trust in people that show they are knowledgeable in their field, they are professionals. If your brand is used by an opinion leader and he placed good words for you, this will boost your sales to Chinese consumers. The opinion leader may be placed as an ambassador of your brand and can promote your brand with their followers.

  1. Celebrities = Costly

Nars ad

Using local celebrities is a good PR strategy because Chinese consumers will associate your brand with a prestigious brand. In addition, a Chinese consumer will more be in a Chinese star foreign. Taking a Chinese celebrity ambassador as its brand will allow passing a clear message to the Chinese public. The beauty standards in Asia are very different standards in the West.

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