+117% for Lipstick’s Sales in China

The growth of sales and consumption of goods in China is no slowdown. China is establishing new industrial units and increasing its sales volume in almost every type of product and providing different facilities and relaxations for domestic product manufacturers.

Lipstick in China

lipstick China
website of Chandon a Chinese Brand

Chinese women Consumer behavior

Same as Lipstick sales in China is up and showing buying power of Chinese women. In the spring festival and the arrival of the New Lunar Chinese Year, the sales of Lipsticks and other Makeup accessories go up and increase the demand everywhere in China. People of China celebrate both events with their full interest and like to share their expressions to all over the world that they are celebrating memorable events in China and enjoying spring festivals with a great nation.

+117% in lipstick sales

China witnesses a 117 percent spike in lipstick sales this year during the important shopping season. Sometimes the sales volume goes up rapidly and creating more product space consumption on special events. Due to fast responding online E-commerce trends, the shopping tastes and the preferences to buy specific lipstick item or any other makeup item has been raised due to fast and convenient sources. An immediate deliveries system enable clients across the world to import cosmetics and complete makeup accessories from China or from any online wholesale or retail store at reasonable rates.

Custom Lipstick in China


Chinese Companies can Manufacture Lipsticks ! 

Find instant responding resources to get custom lipstick manufacturers in China and get handsome profit from makeup consumption items from China. There are hundreds of top-class makeup and lipstick manufacturers and whole sellers in China who are producing all ranges of cosmetics products to meet domestic and international standard needs. Chinese custom lipstick producers Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu are three provinces where sales response is on a satisfactory level.

The lipstick sales volume goes up during downturn.

Either, cheaper cosmetics, win, chocolate, affordable treats, cosmetics, underwear, and some other items tend to do well during the specific periods when overall spending is under pressure. Consumer goods analysts say that sales volume and buying behavior of the people shows the relationships of products deliveries and its consumption at the right time. There are many top-class custom lipstick manufacturers that are doing their successful business in China and getting a handsome share from the Chinese market by exporting quality cosmetics and makeup products to international markets.

Men market ???

Chinese men also have started paying more attention to their appearance and purchasing different cosmetics products to enhance their personality look and style. The male consumer from Henan province is more as compared with other provinces in China.

Top Lipstick Brands in China


Find here top lipstick brands of China who have strong reputation and great market share to manufacture all variety of cosmetics products in China and to export multiple items from China to everywhere in the world.

LANCOME, loreal, Estee lauder, play, Maybelline, SK-II, CLINIQUE, LANEIGE are top beauty brands that are working in China.

Global beauty brands are also operating their branches networks in China and participating overall share of cosmetics industry share in Chinese exports. China’s beauty brands have a high range of cosmetics items and trying to fulfill the demand of local and international markets.

Almost all online shopping stores have every range of cosmetics and makeup variety for Chinese and foreign buyers who are interested to buy low priced or quality products from Chinese brands. China lipstick market has great consumption of almost all variety of cosmetics and has great potential to export quality products to other countries of the world.

Sale of Wholesale Lipstick Distributors around the World

Chinese lipstick producers and distributors have strong relationships with different business partners across the world. United Kingdom, United States, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, South Korea, Middle East, UAE, Qatar, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri-lanka, Indonesia, Bhutan, Malaysia, Australia and numerous of other counties have strong relationships with China and import all types of cosmetics variety from China to fulfill local demands. Chinese always makes ready to serve the nations and actively deliver timely supplies around the globe. Now lots of online wholesale stores are active to import all types of products from every parts of the world and providing instant deliveries to meet the online purchase orders.

Retail and Consumer Goods Analysis in China

China is making long-term relationships and creating more and more spaces in international markets to provide timely deliveries and fulfilling the generated demands by establishing new industrial plans in China. The retail and consumer market in China is active and ready to fulfill all types of demands even on sudden demand for specific items. Day-by-day the Chinese industry is getting progress and encouraging investors to build new industrial plans and produce quality products for worldwide market customers and this opportunity attracting foreign investors as well to become the part of industry and earn handsome profit from great market share.

Online Cosmetics and Make-Up Sales on Tmall 


on Tmall Lipsticks are selling well, up to 10 000/month per Brand

More information on E-Commerce in China. 

Chinese online cosmetics and sales volumes have been raised for a number of years. Makeup sales unite has developed their machinery and other plants to meet the industrial circumstances and sales gap to meet the demand within committed time frames. Trend of gross domestic products in China has been raised due to public awareness and increasing buying power of Chinese people.

Import and Export Volume of Make-up and Lipsticks around the World

Import and export volume between the countries has been raised in this decade. Due to great glamorous events, fashion exhibitions, award ceremonies, local celebrations and instant media awareness gives new trends and tastes to interested people to become the part of the industry and enjoy with their unique presence to influence others. Make-up and lipstick usage trend has been raised in last five years.

Target Chinese young Consumers !

Young generations are taking more interest to show their personality and taking selfies by beautiful selfie trends. China-made cosmetics products are comparatively cheap and available in bulk quality everywhere in the world which facilitates clients to buy the required items by spending less money. Find the best places in your nearest locations and shop any range of make-up variety 24/7 at cheap rates.


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