126% further Korean cosmetics products’ importations in China

Korean cosmetics brands is booming in China


These last years, China’s economy’s growth doesn’t stop increasing involving new Chinese consumers’ purchasing’s behavior. Indeed, they have more expectations mainly regarding luxury and cosmetics products. They need more authenticity and quality products. Then, they are very sensitive to cosmetics products overseas especially Korean brands due to their healthy features. Currently, Korean beauty goods are known for their body and skin benefits. Also, these products are often environmental friendly, a feature very attracting for Chinese consumers who pay more and more attention to the nature’s respect.

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The e-commerce’s revolution


In addition, they want to avoid counterfeiting’s scourge rising in China. Consequently, the Chinese e-commerce market have grown very quickly since 2015. Actually, surveys noticed cosmetics products’ importations have risen of 126%.

Thus, e-commerce platforms were born such as Tmall, JD.com and Jumei.com which is totally dedicated to cosmetics’ products sales. These various supports allow foreign companies to penetrate more easily the Chinese market by circumventing long administrative steps, without getting licence and being present within the Mainland.

Then, Korean brands take part of the first Chinese consumers’ research on Baidu or on famous e-commerce platforms. Moreover, the Korean brand Innisfree is on the first rank’s position among ten cosmetics brands overseas and figths the cosmetics market with Japenese brands.

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Success on various platforms

purchase platform

Many Korean brands are mentionned on Weibo’s contents which talk about its such as Laneige. These beauty brands meet a real success mainly on Weibo highlighted by its pages visited 42 times more than the other social platforms.

Also, Innisfree and Laneige are very successful on Tmall Global and Taobao. The both Korean brands are the first ones in top 10 of most researched beauty brands on Baidu.

Digital Marketing

Getting into Chinese market is not so easy. That’s why, our Digital Marketing Agency exists. Indeed, we help companies overseas to further understand this particular market by learning them various tools to use on Chinese social medias in order to engage consumers. Also, we help them to increase their online brand’s visibility and e-reputation on Baidu, the first Chinese search engine by using keywords, backlinks and many other features.

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