5 Most Popular Chinese Beauty Apps of 2020 You Should Know of

Nowadays, technology has a significant impact on beauty. Main players of this industry try to suggest new options in the shopping experience for customers. It is very important for Chinese customers to have the possibility to try several products. Artificial intelligence can really contribute to the development of these kinds of beauty apps. Moreover, social media and the extension of the use of smartphones reinforce this e-marketing trend. For example, according to a survey realized by Mc Kinsey cabinet, 44 percent of luxury goods sales are influenced by internet research or online buzz.

  1. Meitu
  2. Make-up Plus
  3. Pitu
  4. Face U
  5. Camera 360

Meitu Pic: Number 1 Chinese Beauty App

Functions on Meitu

This app is a Chinese smartphone-based photo-editing app. It allows you to customize your selfies and add Instagram filters and Snapchat style stickers and, of course, to use other facial tools.

It was developed by Xiamen-based Meitu Inc. This camera app became one of the trendiest beauty camera apps in Western countries.

The app knew a huge success soon after its launch in 2008 because the app looked very attractive. 456 million users were led to this beauty camera app. These users use this app to post approximately 6 billion photos every month.

Successful partnership between Meitu & Fendi

Capsule Collection——Hypnoteyes(催眠之眼) by Meitu & Fendi

Moreover, Meitu pic worked on other projects such as Beauty Plus, Poster Labs ad Meipai. All of them are specialized in facial feature enhancement, video editing and several other features.

Famous luxury brands noticed the importance and the influence of beauty apps on the Chinese younger generation. This is the reason why in November 2016 Fendi did a partnership with Meitu.

Therefore users had the opportunity to add filters and stickers to their pictures, using the brand elements from the collection “Hypnoteyes Capsule”. Many bloggers enjoyed the idea and shared their personal pictures meanwhile promoting the brand and the app.

Make up plus: Chinese Beauty App for Make Up enthusiastic

The app embodies a makeup artist. It helps you to get gorgeous make-up thanks to few easy touches. The creators of the app worked closely with makeup artists and photographers to obtain the most accurate result depending on each person.

Make-up plus allows you to try, mix and match fun accessories. The app resorts to augmented reality to detect the face and applies virtual makeup on specific areas like mascara, lipstick. The added value in this app is the possibility to purchase the products of the brand you experience.

You have the possibility to choose between different brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Clinique, and DIOR. They offer several categories of products. One of the biggest advantages of this app stems from the fact that some of the options integrated were designed by very famous bloggers including Pearypie and Nikkie. The app intends to create a real link between customers and luxury brands that work with KOL’s.

Pitu: Chinese Beauty Filters App

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The app’s real name is  Tian Tian Pi Tu which means Photoshop Photos Every Day or Pitu in English. This beauty app has been developed by the Chinese Internet giant Tencent.

Like many other apps, it permits adding filters in order to look better, adjusting the skin, etc. This AR technology allows the use of funny stickers to put on the selfie.

Since the beginning, the app has gathered 106 million monthly active users. Even if the number does not seem amazing, the creators claim that other apps like QQ and Wechat provide good potential for Pitu.

Bulgari made a partnership with Pitu

Compared to Meitu pics, the audience is younger and more individualized than Meitu pic. The majority of users of the app are younger than 25. Once again, luxury brands seized what is at stake with this beauty app.

Therefore, Bulgari decided to make a partnership with Pitu in order to do the promotion of Serpenti. The users of the app could easily try different colors of luxurious sunglasses when they do their selfies because they can put selfie stickers?

Face U: the Social Beauty app


This beauty camera app focuses more on social features. It pushes people to exchange with others and even strangers when they play with fun stickers.

The app was launched in 2016 and this is mainly used by women that are between 15 and 35. The app succeeded because 250 million people registered in March 2017. 

On February 18, 2018, Toutiao, the mother company of Tiktok, completed the acquisition of Face U with a total transaction price of approximately US$300 million.

Michael Kors started a social media campaign on Face U

Michael Kors’s marketing campaign with Face U

The app was linked with Wechat thanks to a brand like Michael Kors that started a campaign on social media to promote one of its items which are a leather handbag namely Mercy and “Love” sweater in the Chinese market.

This partnership allowed users to add stickers to their selfies. The brand also released a video on social media and offer an opportunity to win the bag or a bottle of fragrance.

Camera 360: a Chinese beauty app that made it worldwide

This is one of the most famous camera apps in the world, with more than 800 million users worldwide. This beauty app was born in Chengdu thanks to the company Pinguo Technology.

It provides good effects and filters to enhance photos, with a wonderful user experience. With the ability to share photos directly via social platforms, Camera360 turns simple smartphone photography into a powerful and social experience.

Camera 360 represents a good framework

The main purpose of the app is to edit pictures and not especially share them with others. It also includes directly, different kinds of scenes (night-life, scenery, portrait). It shapes your selfie by proposing some options like widening your eyes, slimming your jawline.

As a whole, the app provides 200 filters. Camera 360 represents a good framework. As a consequence, many celebrities and western companies use the platform to promote their shows and movies in the Chinese market.

Great traffic value in beauty app in China

As of December 2019, the number of monthly active users of beauty shooting apps reached nearly 300 million, the app penetration rate was 20.3%, and the overall user scale continued to expand.

In addition, compared with the average monthly active users of other apps such as food delivery, online travel, and fitness, the average monthly active users of beauty shooting apps are significantly higher at 240 million, which shows that overall traffic generated by beauty cameras apps is huge.

Beauty camera apps: powerful tool for digital marketing in China

The beauty economy has become more and more popular in recent years, and the entire industry structure has become larger and larger. As an important part of the beauty economy, beauty camera apps can take advantage of users of the same taste or hobby on beauty-related products and provide them with related product marketing.

In addition, the overall usage scenarios of beauty camera apps are very diverse, and their user groups are relatively vertical, which can effectively reach target groups, greatly improving the overall effect of product marketing.

However, every app is different and has its own user group. Therefore, the related marketing strategies should be different.

How does it work to do marketing on those apps? Which one suits better your brand? If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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