Bali, top Honeymoon Destination for Chinese travelers

All honeymooners will tell you, Bali is definitely the best place to enjoy your honeymoon. And if you don’t believe it, just ask the couples where they’d like to go for their honeymoon, they will answer: Bali.

There is the best tourist point in Bali, with something for considerably any kind of guest. Energizing journeys and interesting sightseeing are abundant in Bali, from the social to the activity stuffed. Thrill seekers can journey down testing rapids and drown themselves in the grand rural landscape of Bali’s insides, while those into history and social revelation can appreciate the collection of glorious temples through entire day visits. Bali is one of the world 10 most loved visitor destination for Chinese travelers, aside from Australia, Edinburgh, Cape Town, Madrid, Hawaii, Niagara Falls, Egypt, Switzerland, and Paris. That is the to the outcome of the surveying on Beijing People’s Broadcasting 2011.

Top Honeymoon Destinations in Bali

JUNGLE LUXE – Hanging Gardens Ubud: This place is best for Chinese people because usually Chinese people love quiet and calm places with natural beauty. Here you can have great time with your partner in the absence of any kind of hustle. Waiters, kids, strangers and hotels’ staff will not disturb and you will be able enjoy quality time with your partner.

Four Seasons Resort: There are two resorts in Bali under the name “Four Season Resort”. Both of these resorts are extremely romantic and best for newly married Chinese couple. One of these two resorts is located at Jimbaran Bay which is undoubtedly the most naturally attract resort in Bali. The second resort is located at Sayan which is literally in the middle in nowhere. You can stay there as long as you want because charges are very reasonable and you will not get bored from the beautiful landscape around the resort.  

Pan Pacific Nirwana Resort: If you think you are a classical couple with the taste of gold and other high-end activities then this place is best for you. This resort may cost you little more but it will totally worth it because will get VIP treatment with other luxurious stuff.

There are lots of other places in Bali which are just perfect for honeymoon. Some of these places are following. You can select more than one of these places for you stay because all of these places are very affordable.

  • Rijasa Agung Resort & Villas
  • Ellora Villas
  • D Chandrasti Bali Villas
  • Jendela Di Bali
  • Kamuela Villas and Suites Sanur
  • Anahata Villas & Spa Resort


Chinese Love Bali Even More Than Australia

Chinese tourist going to Indonesia most is picking Bali as their most lovely place to have a vacation. Surprisingly, Chinese tourists to Bali exceeded the quantity of Australian went to the island. In view of the information of BPS (Statistic Bureau) of Bali. As indicated by Head of BPS-Bali, this is fascinating. This is the first time Chinese defeated vacationer’s visit to Bali. Indonesia is presently concentrating on how to draw the attention of more Chinese visitors the following next years.

For the occasion, the government is trying to bring down visa necessities for Chinese individuals. It is currently conceivable (under few conditions) for Chinese individuals to visit Indonesia without a visa. The strategy is predictable to double the quantity of landings of a foreign visitor to 20 million in 2019 before the end of the present government term. China has been likewise putting more in Indonesian foundations. China won the offer to construct a fast railroad for the unassuming amount of 5.5$ billion USD anyway it appears that the venture got suspended on account of the absence of a few documents.


Bali Suites Chinese People Financially

Few said the expansion in the quantity of travelers from China was due to the enhancement of financial state of the world’s most crowded nation and second biggest economy, a part from new digital strategies applied in China. What’s more, the country’s flag bearer Garuda Indonesia has given non-stop flight amongst Bali and various cities in China, for example, Shanghai,  Guangzhou and Beijing since 2015. China has turned into an objective for market development by Garuda Indonesia for its universal services. More than 100 Chinese travel abroad consistently making that nation the most powerful tourist market which would profit airlines. Indonesia, in any case, is still far falling behind Thailand in pulling in Chinese traveler.

Chinese Tourists in Bali are Expected to Grow

Inside and out, Indonesia recorded 8.36 million visits by foreign traveler until September this year or an expansion of 8.5 percent year-on-year.

Increments of entries in February were recorded in various passage entryways including, yet the most astounding increments were recorded at Sam Ratulangi airplane terminal of North Sulawesi up 212.70 percent; Tanjung Pinang seaport port of Riau Islands 30.84 percent and Jakarta’s Tanjung Priok seaport up by 43.46 percent.

Decrease was recorded in 10 other passage entryways, for example, the air terminals of Sepinggan of East Kalimantan around 35.08 percent and Minangkabau of West Sumatra by 0.45 percent. 


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