Why Beauty brands in China need nice Photos and beautiful videos

In China, videos and photos are the best way to communicate with beauty consumers.

Audiovisual communications have the ability to influence the purchasing decisions of Chinese consumers.

Nowadays, the communication of beauty companies is focused on audiovisual communication, especially in the spread of messages through attractive and creative pictures and videos that generate a greater impact on the consumers and their decisions.

The importance of nice photos:

A picture is worth a thousand words and beauty brands know it. Nowadays, cosmetic brands include attractive and original pictures into their marketing strategy in order to present the product to consumers and to get their attention. The main purposes of product photos are capturing the consumers’ attention, engaging them and increasing sales.

Chinese society responds more to visual stimuli than any text they can read. Consumers are now saying: “Don’t just tell me. Show me”.


Using photos helps to increase conversations, keeps buyers around longer, and gain customer confidence, which is the key element for cosmetic sales.

In e-commerce platforms, pictures play a crucial role. Photos have the ability to attract consumers and rouse purchasing interest.

You may have heard this saying: You only get one chance to make a first impression. That is true, and beauty brands have to give their best impression to consumers and photos are the best way to do it.


During online purchases, consumers are seeking first the product photos and then the product information. Shoppers don’t want to buy anything without seeing it before, and pictures fulfill this requirement. Pictures have the ability to boost sales and therefore it is vital for beauty marketers to utilize quality images to advertise their products.

There are some tips to keep in mind in order to create efficient pictures which will be helpful to boost brand sales.

The picture must show the product being used. For example, a brand that sells lipsticks should show how the color looks in the lips of the model in order to let consumers know how the color looks once are applied.

It is better to show the cosmetic products in all available colors with the purpose to appeal to a major audience. For example, a company that sells nail polishes must show its whole color line to help consumers with their choice.

Another important factor is quality. Quality products are the most effective tool to sell cosmetic products.

How beautiful videos can increase beauty products sales?

In recent times, video is one of the most popular marketing tools. Through videos, brands are able to transmit a creative and impactful message that guarantees almost viral dissemination to all their potential customers.

The reality is that the Chinese audience loves the videos. If the video has interesting and emotional content they will share it with their friends and the brand’s video will rapidly reach a huge number of consumers.

According to a Forrester report, Chinese online video consumption has become mainstream to both Chinese consumers and marketers.

Thanks to the mobile and internet penetration in China’s daily life, Chinese consumers spend a huge part of their time online watching videos, including ads. Therefore, in China, smartphones and tablets have become the main way to watch videos.

About 81% of Chinese internet users watch videos weekly and around 59% of them engage with an ad at least once a time. After an online advert, 55 percent of Chinese users researched a product or service and 37 percent of them visited the store while 37 percent of Chinese consumers bought the product.

In 2017 it is expected that about 69 percent of all consumer internet traffic, will be focused on video.

Through video, beauty brands can boost their conversation rate. A beauty video can explain to the customer how the product works and its benefits. For instance, beauty brands can create videos to teach Chinese consumers how to properly use the products or how to properly do their makeup.

Thanks to video, beauty brands have the chance to increase Chinese consumers’ loyalty and boost the company’s sales.

According to Econsultancy, companies have increased the sales of products that are promoted through demonstration videos.

In China, pictures, and videos ads must be attractive and original in order to get the consumer’s attention. Also could be interesting to use Chinese celebrities as their image in order to be more familiar to Chinese consumers.

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  1. It’s sure that visuals are essential, especially in the cosmetics, beauty or makeup industry. Even if the products are amazing, bad visuals, photos or videos are the brand image and can repulse customers. It is costly but so important to have a real brand identity and storytelling to sell that even small brands are betting on visuals to sell.

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