Become a massive hit on Tmall: Learn from local brand Florasis

Founded in 2017, Florasis also known as “Hua Xizi” in Chinese, is a Chinese cosmetic company that was born in Hangzhou city, the brand has been a big hit across China since 2018. Florasis is famous for its well-thought and eye-pleasing packaged items which encompass delicate floral designs. The brand also has the particularity of summoning the collective imagination linked to imperial China and national legends. In a market that claims to be in the “Guochao” trend – national pride. Florasis customer target is young women in their 20-30, the brand uses retro packaging and makeup concepts derived from traditional Chinese style to stand out from their concurrents. The interesting thing, is to understand how Florasis managed to become a massive hit on Tmall?

Florasis Marketing Strategy : Boosting Brand Awareness

Florasis’s success abroad is manily thanks to social media, indeed the brand uses a wide range of digital channels :
Infographic by Daxue Consulting

In March 2017 Florasis launched its flagship store on Tmall, which helped the brand develop its reputation at a particularly quick rate. Before Florasis had done it, it has never occurred for a non-large-scale brand to sell their items on Tmall.

Florasis focuses its efforts on Tmall and funnels all social media traffic towards Tmall. The brand has a marketing strategy that implies using Alibaba’s Alimama tools, which allows it to redirect users with more detailed recommendations and also to reactivate them when they are interested in the brand’s content on a platform other than Tmall.

Florasis – Tmall Flagship Store

Customers’ social community function visitors can scroll through each product’s presentation, users’ comments, users’ experience, and photos taken by other buyers from Tmall’s platforms. They can also ask questions about the product just like asking questions on Quora and Zhihu.

In 2020 Tmall shopping festivals allowed to boost the brand’s sales, Florasis’ sales ranked second on Tmall’s Double 11 cosmetics list. The total sales during the shopping festival on Tmall flagship store were 500 million yuan, resulting in a +259% increase from 2019.

In 2020, customers from over 100 countries purchased Florasis from Tmall’s platform. The sales ranked on the top of domestic cosmetic sells overseas list during 2020 Double 11. The total sales revenue reached 14 million yuan in 2020, and it grew +286% compared to 2019.

Tmall Live-streaming Florasis cooperated with many of KOLs on Tmall’s platform. Those KOLs operate on a wide variety of social accounts. Their followers would refer to their Tmall live-streaming room through reading the announcements on other social platforms such as Xiaohongshu and Weibo.

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