Burberry sees big opportunity in China with its “beauty box”

Burberry, the British brand is already well known by Chinese consumers when it comes to fashion. It’s one of the foreign brands which is the most successful in China thanks to a strategy adapted to the Chinese market for the Chinese consumers.

What is the concept of the “beauty box”?

Customization Burbery cosmetics china

The beauty box is actually a shop whose concept focuses on make-up, including Burberry Eyes, Lips, Face, and Nails lines, fragrances for men and women, and including as well luxury accessories of the brand.

As usual, the brand which is very digital-oriented includes within the shops a digital Lip & Nail Bar, a screen broadcasting Burberry catwalk shows, and the “My Burberry Digital Experience” that lets customers digitally interact with the brand. Consumers are able to digitally interact with the fragrance, have a look at the craftsmanship, monogram a virtual bottle, and watch the brand campaign on a screen.

Gift bar Burberry cosmetics bar

Customers can as well order during their visit in the shop monogrammed labels for the bottles of perfumes, in order to create an exclusive and customized gift. Chinese consumers are very sensitive to personalization and Burberry totally understands it.

The first shop was opened in Covent Garden in London but very fast Burberry expanded its concept to Asia, which is an important part of the brand’s results today.

There is one Beauty box shop in mainland China and another one in Hong Kong but the brand plan to open new stores in the coming years in China.

Once again, Burberry shows us that the omnichannel strategy in China can be very powerful. The retail must be connected to the online in order to provide to customers a real experience and to differentiate the brand from the other competitors.

This very savvy concept allows Chinese consumers to determine when and how they will want to interact with the brand.

The way they’ve mixed the digital and the retail experience is very impressive. And innovation is one of Burberry’s strengths. If the brand is that successful in China is because it has been able to develop a real social media strategy and reach its target using mainly digital tools which are very popular in China.

What is the next step for the Beauty Box concept in China? To be continued…

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