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Social media is linked to the e-commerce industry that gives more credibility to business promotion online. Since 2014, WeChat decided to add its inventory to for collaborative venture-for-profits sharing. WeChat subscribers are now being allowed to do home shopping on the platform without downloading a third-party toolkit on Android.

WeChat Mini Shopping Program: Buy Products with Discounts


WeChat Mini Programs application tool is dear to million Chinese people to visit the home page of popular for purchasing luxurious brands at cost-effective prices. There are numerous freebies, discount vouchers, and cashback offers. People are happy to become fans of WeChat to hit JD.Com to test their luck. Definitely, WeShop will be a new mobile marketing platform for native Chinese consumers to use the portal in their own language. Our Shop in Chinese version is extremely useful to local folks in Beijing of Mainland China.

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Tencent already offered $215 million to

In this connection, the web traffic generating trend will take switch over boosting up the product promotion.WeChat visitors will join the campaign to reinforce the tie-ups with, in the upcoming days, billion dollars will be invested in the e-commerce portal. Tencent already offered $215 million to return, it would earn a 15 percent stake through this investment. We Chat is agreed with to expand the e-marketing platform.

WeChatt and : Joint Venture –Mobile Product Buying Options

JD Worldwide

We Chat is a sought-after social media platform. Do constant chatting and message sharing. The popularity of WeChat dynamically accelerates. It is because of the easy mobile apps, cost-effective plans to buy packages,s, and availability of open-source platforms to use. Now, We Chat is doing a remarkable job. It attracts customers to shop on via WeChat. Simply register with details to find the home page of for checking the archive. On the Discovery tab, track navigation results to collect the product list for making purchases.


You have to insert the right keyword for product inquiry. Your dashboard will show the search results. Buy Mentholatum or NIVEA quickly on the e-commerce portal. is getting new customers who must add more web traffic to JD. Com. On other hand, WeChat is becoming a powerful social media channel with newcomers to pay visits to the website. From shoes, clothes, cosmetics, and down to fashionable artifacts, you are free to buy products at

The new mobile application Kit

WeChat is giving the new mobile application kit to consumers to download on android. It is a wonderful home shopping option. China has the second-largest economy. It succeeds America. There will be more tie-ups and joint economic ventures with international investors to boost up the industry in china. On Father’s day, China has taken a bold resolution to energize the fashion industry giving new brands to male consumers. The skincare and beauty products will be available in China market.WeChat must be the destination to trillion Chinese consumers to buy products on

Marketing China

Finally, We Chat has also declared a new Red Packet for online consumers. When people like to celebrate Father’s Day, WeChat has had confirmed the introduction of Relative Card to entice people, Chinese fathers, to make cost-efficient purchases with these promotion cards. Random product buying solutions must be a turning point for newbies. Get your classic AI products at discounts. Your shopping experience on WeChat must be unique.

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