LARUNE PARIS - Cosmetics and Food Supplements.

Our Missions for LARUNE PARIS

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The Brand & Campaign Context

Laboratoires Larune Paris are manufacturers of their own brand of cosmetics and food supplements. You will find on our site, the resellers as well as the new products. The first PR is about Anti-aging and how Larune Prestige is the expert in this area with their unique product Precious powder, we also did introduce the scientific background of the product. The second PR is about how to save dry skin and keep it hydrated during spring. The product focus is the Larune Prestige face mask. For Q&A, we focus on product recommendation notes on Little Red Book so our brand name will have more exposure on the platform. This also acts as a backlink for SEO in the future.


  • 12 Posts in 1 month for event & promotion
  • +521 new followers
  • 0.44% average increase rate


  • 4 posts in 1 month for promotion
  • +996 new followers

Little Red Book

  • 1 KOL collaboration
  • +40 sales in 1 month
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  • +9 KOCs reposts

Press Relations

  • 2 press releases published on 4 platforms in 1 month.

Baidu SEO

  • +100% traffic on Baidu
  • +40% traffic on the website
  • 5 keywords ranked on 1st page (“Larune Prestige”; “French cosmeceutical brand”; “French skin care products”; “Anti-wrinkle skincare products”; “Larune”)


  • 2 articles published
  • 4 links
  • 50 discussions on Zhihu, Baidu Zhidao & XiaoHongShu