CLIENT: Elixirs&Co

Cosmetic and Wellness Essential Oils

Our Missions for Elixirs&Co

Kols Weibo Wechat Xiaohongshu Store Baidu Seo

The Brand & Campaign Context

A 30 years old french brand focused on growth and wellness. The brand is promoting natural cosmetic and well-being products that are customized to its customer's needs. Elixirs&co contacted us to enter and get the awareness of the Chinese market. Customized care is a trend that has been picking up in China for the last few years and we are optimistic that the brand will succeed. To assist them in getting the awareness need to get Chinese consumers recognition we build a strategy focused on Kols, Social Media, and ORM (Online Reputation Management): Weibo, Wechat, and Little red book. We also opened a boutique on Little Red Book for Elixirs&co. Little Red Book being highly specialized in Beauty and body care seemed like the perfect place to start selling in China without having to break the bank while building a strong e-reputation.


1-month Campaign Results:

Baidu SEO

  • 3 keywords ranked on the 1st page (“#Elixirs&Co”; “伊乐丝“; “Bach flower essence”)
  • +600 website views


  • 8 posts
  • +1,000


  • 4 posts
  • +4,221

Little Red Book

  • 20 KOLs campaigns
  • 4 posts in 1 month