CLIENT: Laboratoires Genévrier

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Innovative french Cosmetic Brand

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The Brand & Campaign Context

The iALUGEN was created by Laboratoires Genevrier, which for 30 years has been developing and marketing hyaluronic acid-based solutions in fields such as dermatology, depigmentation and healing, rheumatology and esthetics. Their product range was developed to derive the best of hyaluronic acid in antiaging cosmetics. The brand aims to meet the needs of women who wish to truly fight the signs of aging skin. In order to increase brand awareness and visibility, GMA promoted the brand on Weibo with social media engagement including ads and events. Moreover, we managed the Content Certification on WeChat, “Original Copyright” which was obtained from Tencent on all official articles published and promoted articles. GMA also managed the right choice of high-quality PR which was shared via the best portals & online influencers to drive engagement.


GMA’s strategy of designing a marketing strategy for the Brand proved to be successful. Since within the campaign Brand’s visibility increased in social media and helped to improve COSLYS’s brand awareness. In addition, PR has been featured by quality e-media source such as PCLADY, YOKA