CLIENT: Laboratoires PiLeJe

PiLeJe Laboratoires - The Vocation of Health Medicine.

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The Brand & Campaign Context

Promoting health in each of us, maintaining it as long as possible, or even restoring it, is the vocation of PiLeJe through what its founder, Dr Christian Leclerc, calls "health medicine". This concept is based on the fact that for each of us, there is an optimal physiological state, preventing the appearance of pathologies and promoting quality of life. Its objective is to encourage the individual to strive as much as possible towards this optimal physiological state, to improve the health of each individual in the long term. This takes into account in particular the existence of intermediate states between health and illness, the person at the center of the consultation, medicine in its preventive dimension. The starting point of the consultation, the patient is not limited to a set of symptoms. He is an individual testifying to a disorder, a dysfunction inseparable from a personal context: pathological history, environment, diet, physical exercise, living environment but also needs.


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  • Increased brand awareness in China