CLIENT: LifeVantage

Healthcare Brand from USA

Our Missions for LifeVantage

Q&A to build online reputation WeChat Official account Setup & Optimization WeChat Micro-Site Built in H5 for Lead Generation PR to increase awareness

The Brand & Campaign Context

Joe McCord, a world-renowned scientist known as the father of free radicals, founded Lifevantage in 2003 after four decades of dedicated research. In 2015, Lifevantage ranked 67th in the Top 100 Direct Selling Companies worldwide and 1st in the Fastest Growing Companies in the United States. With a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Lifevantage is now looking to China as their next big market. With a goal in mind and GMA's help, they have created an app that can be used for WeChat communication by Chinese customers.


+ 200% WeChat Engagement

+ 250% Wechat Followers

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