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Mediceutics - The Additional Clinical Expertise.

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The Brand & Campaign Context

Mediceutics® is a brand name that sounds like the logical answer to the technical, societal, and economic evolution of aesthetic medicine. Created thanks to the meeting of a cosmetic chemical engineer, Xavier CHIRICO, and a recognized cosmetic surgeon, Doctor François NIFOROS, Mediceutics® solves the equation between the search for real efficiency and the notion of pleasure inherent in the use of any cosmetic product. The latest statistical data show that 85% of women today seek medical efficacy in their daily beauty routine. This is why the brand has chosen a different approach from other laboratories: that of reporting information on the wishes, needs, and expectations of women, validated by doctors for finally, as the last step, as if to crown it, developing the formula. This approach implicitly contains the following values: medical ethics, the safety of formulas, the efficacy of ingredients demonstrated by scientific and medical publications, honest and transparent claims, requirements of the packaging considered as in the pharmaceutical industry.