Censorship on Wechat

Chinese media posts to be censored Under the Eagle’s eye

It might be bad news for most of the citizens of China as the government censor board now tends to focus on and block the usage of a list of words in social media. An increased level of censorship will be carried out by keeping a track of peoples’ conversations. A team of people hired to do exactly the same deletes censored words used in conversations instantaneously.

36000 “official” social media accounts have been deleted from Tencent

Right from June 2014, beyond 50% of posts from around 36000 “official” social media accounts have been deleted from Tencent, a popular social networking site. 55% of posts of social networking from WeChat have also been erased after thorough inspection by the team.

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Posts talking about tabloid gossip, sensationalism as well as outright falsehoods are deleted. Although such words are erased, there is no barrier to information exchange. The government has taken the decision of taking control over the discussion and delivery of information among the public. The anti-rumor campaign is the root cause for the beginning of censorship in china.

Censorship news was not of great surprise to most of the people as WeChat was already into deleting posts pertaining to political issues as per the political laws across Asia.

48% of the accounts were suspended

Reports from the news centers have revealed that 48% of the accounts were suspended after the citizen lab tracked them. 5% of the accounts on these social media apps are deleted along with self-censored posts arising from the same. An algorithm that censors a set of sensitive terms is developed and set up by the citizen lab to continuously block the movement of such messages. Under no situation can those sets of sensitive phrases of words be published or sent across.

Not only political issues but also sex-related words and religion-related topics are completely censored by the board. Call for protests and discussion for attacks are under high invigilation and are deleted.

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