China’s Little Red Book App To Shine A Spotlight On Co-creation

China's Xiaohongshu

Co-creation is a growing approach employed by businesses to form deeper connections with customers, and influencers have an essential role in facilitating this engagement.

In China, the co-creation economy is quickly advancing. Brands now have an opportunity to go beyond just collaborating with key opinion leaders and instead co-create with their Chinese users and customers! Xiaohongshu provides local and foreign brands the chance to acquire feedback from a wide array of consumers, allowing them to impact every aspect of their business – ranging from marketing campaigns down to product releases.

Xiaohongshu teams up with Colorkey for co-creation

In collaboration with Colorkey, Xiaohongshu instituted a thorough three-step process including an analysis of their competitors, the creation of colors together, and re-design the packaging.

China's Xiaohongshu

Through consumer insights from Xiaohongshu, it was discerned that Chinese customers were disappointed in other lip mud products due to them not moist enough and having poor coloration. To differentiate itself from its competitors Colorkey needed to ensure these issues would not arise.

To address the critiques of Colorkey’s packaging being outdated, Xiaohongshu assisted in designing a new look that stands out. This included incorporating elements such as textures to add visual appeal and create an updated feel.

China's Xiaohongshu

In its marketing efforts, Xiaohongshu centered on the idea of “escaping from the city” to captivate urban consumers looking for a break from their city lives. To further engage with target consumers, Colorkey paired up with prominent key opinion leaders from Xiaohongshu and created the concept of “princess on the run” The concept indeed ended up being very successful in promoting this product on this e-commerce platform.

Xiaohongshu co-creates for Bobbi brown

China's Xiaohongshu

After Xiaohongshu conducted an in-depth analysis of the content on its platform and other e-commerce platforms, it became evident that there was a high level of user demand for primers and cosmetics bases. So Bobbi Brown teamed up with Xiaohongshu to promote the Vitamin Face Base Cream—a product not previously considered as part of the brand’s core range available in the market.

After realizing that most users were under the effect of its pleasant smell, Xaiohongshou suggested renaming and marketing the product as grapefruit cream, which turned out to be a great success with sales rocketing on the biggest e-commerce platforms in China.

China's Xiaohongshu

How can brands effectively leverage the potential of the Xiaohongshu e-commerce platform?

Xiaohongshu has effective tools

Xiaohongshu is a content-creating platform designed to make it simple for creators to share their experiences using functions like Notes, Hey, and streaming. Not only are they devoted to collaborating with their community to promote an environment of authenticity and positivity, but Xiaohongshu also supplies a variety of resources for creators and agencies alike so that they can easily manage their content production.

Xiaohongshu uses brilliant user-generated content

Brands who are eyeing the Chinese beauty market are becoming more and more aware of the importance of user-generated content on Xiaohongshu to gain valuable insights into their customer’s needs, allowing them to exploit new growth opportunities. This genuine feedback from users accurately reflects what Chinese consumers want – a key part of any brand’s success strategy.

Xiaohongshu shares Chinese consumers network and data analysis with brands

Recently, Xiaohongshu has opened up its user network and data analysis to brands, enabling them to tap into an array of consumer insights as well as keen competition intelligence. This allows brands to develop fresh strategies for connecting with their customers in creative ways on Chinese social media.

Xiaohongshu has gone beyond mere brand marketing. They have discovered the huge potential of using consumer insights to shape product design and development so that companies can create products to conquer their target audience.

Latest trends on Xiaohongshu: Collaborations

Xiaohongshu and Shanghai Fashion Week collaboration: Fashion goes digital

By teaming up with Shanghai Fashion Week, Xiaohongshu is pioneering the foray of digital fashion into mass appeal.

Launched in April, Xiaohongshu and Shanghai Fashion Week collaboration was a complete success, with nine designers participating in the fashion week releasing three thousand digital fashion offerings exclusively to be sold on Xiaohongshu.

China's Xiaohongshu

The moment these items were available on the app with a price tag of 4000 RMB each, they sold out in a flash — it’s obvious that Chinese Gen Zers are buying into the craze.

In fact, in Xiaohongshu, digital fashion has turned out to be a trend, with not just real people but virtual influencers displaying the most wanted digital clothings and accessories.

Indeed, it was a great example as Xiaohongshu witnessed a shift towards digital fashion with both real-world and virtual influencers flaunting the latest in digital fashion products.

Already, the topic of digital fashion has amassed an impressive 5.7 million views on Xiaohongshu with many renowned designers and fashion brands debuting their creations here.

Following their purchase of a digital fashion item, consumers could access their new pieces on their profiles and “digitally try them on” by submitting a photo. The image was then shared across social media platforms to showcase the product’s stylishness.

China's Xiaohongshu
Users on Xiaohongshu are passionately showcasing their stunning fashion ensembles by incorporating trendy pieces into real-life scenarios.

Xiaohongshu X WeChat mini-programs Collaboration: Luxury brands dive in

The Xiaohongshu social commerce platform now provides a gateway to WeChat’s mini-programs, which are already being leveraged by some of the world’s leading beauty, fashion, and luxury brands for their e-commerce operations in China.

Luxury brand followers of Xiaohongshu, such as Louis Vuitton, Celine, Givenchy, and Gucci can now effortlessly click through to their WeChat mini-programmes to purchase goods with no hassle in the online store.

This momentous move marks a fundamental change in China’s social media landscape, which has been characterized by isolated and enclosed ecosystems up until now. This shift renders the integration of online retail channels much more seamless for brands to navigate.

Little Red Book app and e-commerce platform

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